Co2 Special Effects from CryoFX Are Safer and cheaper Than Pyrotechnic Fireworks

Co2 Special Effects from CryoFX® Are Safer and cheaper Than Pyrotechnic Fireworks


NFL Game between-st-louis-rams-catches fire on the turf during start of the game

Fireworks provide entertainment that is often showcased via brilliant aerial displays and a variety of vibrant sounds. However, certain safety hazards may result from pyrotechnic devices that are ignited with a live flame. The National Football League and other organizations might want to consider the safety features of Co2 Special Effects Equipment versus a live fireworks display.

St. Louis Rams NFL game vs. the Pitsburg Steelers - the game turf caught fire after pyrotechnics were used to introduce the NFL Players 1

During the third week of the NFL 2015 Regular Season, a contest between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Saint Louis Rams was delayed for nearly thirty minutes. Prior to the start of the game, fireworks were launched as a part of the typical player introductions. As some of the fireworks fell to the ground, a portion of the field began to burn.

Stadium employees were summoned to contain the flames with fire extinguishers. Foam was used to clean areas of the field that were impacted by the fireworks. The damage caused to the artificial turf was significant and it brought into question whether the field was usable and safe for the game or not.

St. Louis Rams NFL game vs. the Pitsburg Steelers - the game turf caught fire after pyrotechnics were used to introduce the NFL Players

Fortunately, no injuries were reported as a result of the fireworks, during the pre-game celebration. However, accidents can occur at anytime. Even with very experienced pyrotechnic professionals, a slight mistake could cause bodily injuries and property damages with the use of live fireworks. During outdoor events, weather could also impact certain safety hazards. Imagine if the above referenced accident occurred on a windy day. Players, members of the officiating crew or some of the fans might have been injured.

Co2 Special Effects Equipment From CryoFX®

cryo nfl runout with Atlanta Falcons NFL team that uses cryofx co2 smoke effects for their teams entrance

Safer and cheaper methods exist for entertaining large crowds of people and raving fans, too. As a leading manufacturer of Co2 Special Effects Equipment, CryoFX® supplies a variety of Co2 Cannons smoke special effects, Co2 Blasters and Handheld Co2 Guns that are used by some of the most popular entertainers in the world to create magnificent aerial special effect displays.

When comparing the costs of operating pyrotechnic equipment and co2 special effect equipment from CryoFX® and the ease of installing and operating, CryoFX® Co2 SFX Equipment is easier to install and operate is a lot cheaper and is safer to use than Pyrotechnics. No permit or License is required to use CryoFX® Co2 Equipment.

NFL Teams use Co2 Special Smoke Stage Cannon Effects from CryoFX

Major production companies, deejays, nightclub owners and recording stars have used custom stage equipment SFX products from CryoFX® to create a grand entrance or to excite fans during both indoor and outdoor events. Without the use of a flame or electricity, Co2 Special Effects Equipment from CryoFX® may be used to launch imitation fog, aerial lighting displays, streamers, confetti and other items in a safe manner.

 using CryoFX Co2 Special Smoke Cannon Effects  using CryoFX Co2 Special Smoke Cannon Effects Co2 Special Effects Custom Equipment for Bars and Nightclubs  using CryoFX Co2 Special Smoke Cannon Effects

Ordering Special Effects Equipment Online

Using Co2 Special Effects Equipment is a great idea for heavily populated events. offers a wide range of Co2 Supplies for sale and for rent. With fast shipping options throughout the US, professional sports teams, amateur sports teams, DJs, club owners and motion picture directors may contact CryoFX® to order Co2 Special Effects Products that are safer and cheaper than fireworks.

CryoFX® representatives may be reached at (619) 855-2796 for assistance with phone-based orders and to explain the advantages of using Co2 Special Effects Equipment versus fireworks.


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