CryoFX® Provides Co2 Jets Used in the HUM – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. Ummet Ozcan

Video directors generally have a few seconds to capture a viewer’s attention. If a music video is boring or lacks a positive vibe, a viewer might decide to look for something else to watch. The CryoFX® team did its part to showcase the proper way to display special effects in the official music video for the “HUM.”


CryoFX® Works With Celebrities in the Video Shoot for the “HUM”

In a collaboration of superstars, the record label, “Smash The House” coordinated the stage presence of Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Ummet Ozcan in the music video for the “HUM.” Martial arts superstar, Jean Claude Van Damme and comedic genius, Charlie Sheen had interesting roles within the production, as well.

Staying ready to handle any assignment for special effects, team members from CryoFX® were hired to provide time sensitive blasts of Co2 into the air. Special effects from CryoFX® were needed to enhance the artists, DJ booth and the overall energy of the party.

Dmitir Vegas The HUM Video uses Co2 Special Effect Jets from CryoFX®

About the Music Video Set for the “HUM”

During the third week of April, the music video for the “HUM” was shot on location in an exquisite mansion that is located in Upland, California. Party guests were seen dancing within the mansion and around the outdoor pool. Many of the guests ended up in the water, as team members from CryoFX staged an elaborate display of special effects with its Co2 gear.


Equipment Used by CryoFX® in the Music Video ”Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. Ummet Ozcan – HUM”

Entertainers with the best sound equipment may not get as many rave reviews with an inferior special effects team. CryoFX® bought its “A” game to hype the partygoers with an unmatched integration of special effects.

To astonish the crowd, CryoFX® supplied its big Night Club Cannons to create imitation fog for the “HUM.” The theatrical performance was supported with a total of 12 Co2 Tanks that each weighed 50 pounds, six Co2 Jets that consisted of two CryoFX® LED Co2 Cannons and four CryoFX® DMX 512 Cryo Cannons. Several handheld Night Club Cannons were used, too. The CryoFX® handheld Co2 Cannon and the CryoFX® Cryo Bazooka rounded out the equipment that was used by the company.


Teamwork for the “Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. Ummet Ozcan – HUM” music video

Preparation is the key to a stellar performance. Team members from CryoFX consisted of four technicians and two full video crew members who were on site for more than 11 hours to complete the full setup, testing, operation, video shoot, relocation, more testing, more video shooting and strike (tear down) of the equipment.




CO2 LED Special Effects Cannon Jets by CryoFX featured in the Video Production of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike - The HUM

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