Wintervention San Diego uses CO2 Special Effects Jets and Cryo Guns to cool and entertain the crowd

Even when it’s cooling down, the party doesn’t stop! Intervention San Diego revamped its signature poolside party to fit the weather and called it ‘Wintervention’ this past week. Local DJs around San Diego took the stage before headliner Benny Benassi closed the show. The results were a perfect fit for the party.

Wintervention CryoFX CO2 Club Cannon Jets on display

For a show called Wintervention, only the most ideal and unique stage production was used. The stage at Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego was equipped with CryoFX Co2 cannons, blasting cold Co2 to the massive audience in the room. This event used two (2) Co2 jets with DMX capabilities and the signature CryoFX® Cryo Gun

CO2 Special Effects Guns and Jets for Sale

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