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Can I Put Co2 Tanks In My Car?

The short answer is – No! Putting CO2 tanks in your car is never advisable. Let me tell you this – anything we say in this video is educational purposes only. We’re not liable for anything that happens. Regardless, I will tell you that if you are transporting cylinders or CO2 tanks in your car; I’m under the assumption that you’re an expert, and you’ve done this before – there are a few things you need to follow. Read on to discover more:

The Windows Must Be Down

What’s more, I don’t care if the AC is blowing, the car’s windows must be down. You need circulating air in the car to avoid heat. If the car is super hot, it is probably not a good idea to put cylinders in your car. We always advise to put cylinders in the back of a truck, or outside. Also, you can transport the CO2 tanks in a box truck where there’s no ability for that co2 or air or gas to come into the cab. The reason being, co2 is an asphyxiant and it will choke you out. You won’t know that it’s happening

My Experience With Dry Ice

Many years ago, I got in a car. There was dry ice in my car overnight. I completely forgot about it and sat in the driver’s seat. Within three breaths, I had air going into my lungs. But, I was starting to feel tired and actually passed out. I didn’t know what was going on until the third breath. Two more breaths, and I would probably have been dead. That’s as serious as it gets. Therefore, let me have that experience, and don’t have that experience yourself.

Be Cautious With CO2 Tanks

Here are some insightful tips when dealing with CO2 tanks:

  • Please, be very cautious of these tanks.
  • Watch out for the tops. Also, make sure the caps are always on them.
  • Ensure that the CO2 tanks are closed and transported in a safe environment.
  • Also, do not just shove these in the back of the car. Where they can move all around, they always need to be locked down. They always need to be strapped down.
  • They always need to be secured to something always.
  • Windows need to be always down when traveling with CO2 tanks.

Don’t Leave the Tanks In A Car Trunk

Additionally, do not leave the CO2 tanks in a car trunk. Same thing applies if you put a 20-pound tank inside of a trunk. If it was just inside and it was sitting at like 70 degrees or 60 degrees; you put that same tank in the trunk of a car and you park it in 110 degree heat or even 100 degree heat or even 90 degree heat. Moreover,  if that safety on that valve doesn’t blow and let all that co2 out, the tank simply explodes. That’s how serious it is. Don’t let this happen to you.

Final Thoughts – CO2 Tanks in Your Vehicle

Hence, ensure that you have the car windows down. Make sure these CO2 tanks, when transported, are secured or roped down. Use something to secure them from moving. Also, don’t put them in a car. However, if you have to, then you know exactly what to do. This is CryoFX. Thanks for watching/reading.