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Can I Use Multiple CO2 Tanks on One CO2 Jet?

The answer in short is – Yes, you can use multiple CO2 tanks on one CO2 jet. Also, you can use multiple tanks on one handheld cryo cannon or whatever you’re going to be using for liquid draw. If the CO2 special effects is liquid draw, you can use up to three tanks on one device. That’s going to increase the output. Likewise, it will increase the abundance and the plume of co2

What’s more, it will increase your time of use as well anything over three to four tanks. On that line, we say three to be safe. It’s actually three and a half. Anything over three tanks, you’re not going to get an increased effect output. You’re just going to get more CO2 bulk usage or more length of time on your application and activation.

How Do Multiple Tanks Work?

Now, the way this works is this – The liquid CO2 output on the fitting is limited to a certain size. I’m going to bring this down into super easy terms to understand. The hose itself – the whole diameter and circumference and area of the hose – equals about three CO2 fittings, three and a half again, to be exact. That’s why you can put three tanks into one hose and get the most output.

However, If you’ve seen some of our videos online, that’s kind of our secret. Don’t take it. I’m just kidding. Nonetheless, that’s what we do to make sure you get the most output. Again, this is relative to humidity in the air, temperature, and other atmospheric conditions. Moreover, you need to be aware of the less amount of humidity, the less output you’re going to be getting from your multiple CO2 tanks.

Also, because of the humidity molecules, the higher the humidity, the better it’s going to look. Essentially, higher temperature is going to look worse. Now, this is all in another video. I don’t want to get too technical here. I just want to answer the question can multiple CO2 tanks go on one CO2 system. The answer is yes! Thanks for watching, this is CryoFX.