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The best Doug Fleenor design products – Full Review!

Doug Fleenor Design, DMX512

Put On Great Light Shows with DMX512 and Doug Fleenor Design A secret force is behind all those incredible lights and effects we’ve seen in concerts, nightclubs, TV, movies, and more! The secret is DMX512, aka DMX. The Big Red Button often used to start a light show is probably a DMX device you have […]

Co2 Cannon: Why are my Co2 Cannons not working?

Co2 Jet Not Working, Co2 Cannon Not Working

Why are my Co2 Cannons not working? We get asked this question a lot and of course other questions such as: why is my CO2 Cannon dmx not working? how much CO2 does Co2 Cannon use? why is my Co2 Cannon not spraying? These are all very good questions which can be related. These are […]