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Affordable Co2 Jet Rental & Co2 Cannon Rental Services

Hey guys, welcome to CryoFx Rental. So, this article is specifically on Co2 Jet rental and handheld or Co2 cannons. Regardless of whether handheld or not, in this article, we are interested in anything Co2 related.

We’re going to need a couple of things from you. For example, how many Co2 tanks are needed if you’re going to be running Co2 tanks with us? If not, then it doesn’t matter. You handle the Co2 tanks, we’ll handle the Co2 jet rental equipment.

Co2 Jet Configuration Options

With the Co2 jet rental equipment, when you’re dividing Co2 jets into one line, typically you can do two or three jets into a line and of course apart from that it gets kind of complicated.

So, please let us know more importantly how you want your Co2 jets configured. One jet with one hose to one tank or two jets on one hose to one tank or one jet, two jets, three jets one hose one, two, three tanks.

You kindly let us know, and we will quote those specific items for you, as we do all types of Co2 jet rental. If you require eight tanks into one jet, that’s something that we can cover regardless of what it is. I just want to make sure you understand how we calculate this and what we’re able to do. With this knowledge, you can come to us and make requests for specific categories of configurations.

Using Siphon Tubes with Co2 Tanks

Co2 tanks require a siphon tube. That’s the tanks that we rent if you have a backpack for a handheld Co2 cannon that does not require a siphon tube. We are aware of that, just let us know what items you are going to be using the Co2 tanks for or what items you’re renting. We want to know if it’s a backpack, a handheld cannon, etc.

How Long Does Co2 Tanks Last?

Now, with the co2 tanks, a 20 pound tank generally lasts 40 seconds. Typically, a 50 or 60 pound tank lasts 60 to 80 seconds. We do offer larger tanks. We need to know how many tanks you require or how much run time you need for each Co2 jet and each handheld cannon.

We offer Custom-Made Services

If you let us know that, you can let us know your specific requirements. For example, you can say that you want one jet with a hose that connects to one tank, or you need the hose to be of a certain length.  We need to know the length of the hose for each Co2 cannon. Once we know that, we can give you a quote for the tanks.

If you give us specifics, for instance, you can ask for any particular number of jets. For instance, one might say “I have five jets and I want each jet to blast Co2 for three minutes”. We’re able to calculate the tanks on the back end and give you the quote relevant to that based on our Co2 jet rental services.

About Tanks

Tanks normally include rental days. Tanks have a very specific option for pickup and delivery tanks are very specific, we have a video on that somewhere else on this page. Outside that, the Co2 jet rental and Co2 equipment generally only draws up to one to two amps a piece. So, you can hook multiple pieces of equipment up on its own circuit.

Safety Precautions for Co2 Jet Rental

We do recommend the use of separate circuits for this equipment. The reason for this being that if anything else blows your circuit or if this triggers your circuit to blow for whatever reason, it doesn’t affect any other equipment.

Furthermore, don’t hook this up to any GFI, GCFI, GFCI, or what people call GFI circuits. They are those power plugs that have the buttons on it that you reset. We just don’t like hooking it up to that because those could trip and of course your equipment will not work.

Do you need DMX cables or a DMX controller?

Furthermore, with the Co2 jets, some of these jets have the ability to turn on and off with a power strip, so you won’t need DMX cables or a DMX controller. However, most of them are DMX related and DMX controlled. Therefore, if you do need a DMX package as we refer to cables and a controller, do let us know, and we’ll make sure that we include that in the quote as well.

Moreover, if you need any extra washers, we do ship three washers per Co2 fitting. If you need extras, please do let us know, we’ll add that to the quote.  And of course, outside that that should cover any Co2 jets or any Co2 jet related equipment.

More Safety Tips

Please, be safe. Please ensure that you do not blast a ton of this in a small space and of course never shoot these at anybody’s face or body at any time.

Thank you for reading this article on our Co2 jet rental services. We hope you found it helpful. This is CryoFX Rentals.