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Cold Spark Cleaning Process (CryoFX® Explains in Details – How To Clean Cold Spark Machine)

Cold Spark Cleaning Process

What’s up, guys? Welcome to CryoFX YouTube channel and our how-to videos on Cold Spark machines. Today’s video is on Cold Spark Cleaning Process, which otherwise is known as Cold Spark Machine Cleaning Process.

Importance of Proper Cold Spark Cleaning

Now, why would you want to know about this Cold Spark machine cleaning process? And I like explaining the why. Because the number one reason these machines mess up is because people like you don’t clean them with the proper method to clean these, regardless of what somebody says.

I’ll be the first to tell you that our service department works on these. So, we see them inside, we see them outside, we see the whole nitty-gritty. And there is a lot of grit inside if you don’t clean it right. I’m going to show you that on this video and in another video later. But I want to just cover the basics.

So, Cold Spark Machine Cleaning Process, otherwise known as Cold Spark Cleaning Process. What is the process you normally use for the machine? I’m not going to be using the machine on this video because we’re demonstrating on what to do. But let’s say you just got done using the machine, regardless of where it’s at.

Remove all Wire Connections

You want to make sure everything is unplugged from the machine. No wires, no nothing is plugged in. That’s a double negative, by the way. You can wipe your hand across the front. There’s nothing plugged in. You’ll go ahead. You’ll still have granules inside here.

Removing the Granules

Furthermore, you want to take this cap off, make sure you’re not in the rain. I just have to say that, get a container. The container is what you’re going to be putting your spark granules or your spark powder into. You want the container to be clean. You’ll go ahead, and you’ll take the machine. Make sure that the holes over it, and you’ll go ahead and tip it upside down. There’s a little bit of granules in there, but most of them have already been emptied out.

Now, you could put your finger in here and make sure that there are no granules in there. What you’re going to see is you’re going to see a corkscrew and that’s about it. If you could see the corkscrew or what looks like a screw inside, then you’ve emptied it out enough to make it usable for the next portion of what I’m going to tell you.

Keeping the Granules Dry during Cold Spark Cleaning

So, put your case aside. Let me talk about the case for a second. The granules that go in here, you want to immediately put into a bag. You don’t want them wet. You don’t want them in anything that can get moisture or wetness or dirt or anything else in here because you want to use those again, they cost a lot of money. You want to be able to put those back in the machine the next time you use it.

I don’t have it on this video, but you’ll go ahead, you’ll put those into a bag, make sure the air is out of the bag and make sure the bag is sealed.  Once you do that, now you’re set up. So, you’ll go ahead and put the cap back on the top reservoir, and then you’ll go ahead. I’m not going to do this on this video, and if you want to comment about it, that’s fine. We’ve had comments before and why you didn’t do that, but I’m going to tell you why, because I want to get to the point.

Removing the Remaining Granules

You’ve already connected the machine to use it. I don’t need to do it here on this video. You’ll go ahead and connect the machine again the way that you used it before, and you’ll go ahead and you’ll get all those granules out that are still inside. Now you may ask, why are there granules inside? I thought I emptied them all out. Well, you did. Case in point.

Let me take this off. Since we already have one open, I’m going to show you here why you need to still use the machine and get the rest of the granules out. So if you want to come forward, I’ll show you here. This is the reservoir that you just emptied out. You could see that it slopes down. There’s a corkscrew right underneath, right here that you can’t see because it’s inside and you have this little funnel. There’s going to still be granules in this funnel, and there are still granules on the inside of this heating element corkscrew.

I have another video that goes way into detail on that. For this video, cold Spark cleaning process. We’re only going to do a recap. The link below to how to clean a cold spark machine goes into further detail on exactly how to do this. But you want to expose all these and extinguish, or whatever the word is. I’m lost for words right now. You want to get these granules out. You’re not going to have an open machine.

How to Ensure That the Machine Is Properly Cleaned

So, you go ahead, you connect your spark machine back up the way you used it before and you run the machine like you normally would to get these granules down into here and back out. Once you do that enough time, the granules are going to stop, or the sparks, I should say, are going to stop coming out of the machine. And when you activate the machine and it doesn’t work anymore or doesn’t expose sparks anymore, that means that you completely emptied the machine.

Then you can go ahead and you can take your wires off, disconnect the machine and set the machine aside for the next use. I’m going to say this again, but 90% of the reason why these machines come back to use is because of two things, maybe three. They’re moved around and those granules compact.

Another video on just the cold spark powder talks about that those granules compact in here or in this funnel, and you’re unable to use those because they don’t funnel back down into where they need to go or you don’t empty them out here. If you didn’t empty them out here, they’re clearly not emptied out right here because you didn’t use the machine even more to empty everything out.

The Benefits of Proper Cold Spark Cleaning

Those granules sit inside this heating element, and the other video below shows it. But what happens is they will cool down, then they heat back up when you turn it back on. And that process, over and over, leaves residual on the inside of the walls of the chamber where the heating corkscrew goes through, or the actual heating corkscrew itself.

When that happens, after a period of time, this build up gets in there, and then your smart machine just doesn’t work. It doesn’t give you the output that you want, it doesn’t work the way you want, or it becomes problematic, and you don’t know what’s going on. Well, that’s what’s going on because I just explained it. So do me a favor, do yourself a favor. This is an investment. Treat it as such.

We call it a Cold Spark machine because it is a machine. But this machine will make you money if you use it the right way. So take the extra time, clean it out after every use. Don’t leave the granules in it. I don’t care what other companies, problitz or Blitz, X or Phoenix or any of these other ones. This particular machine is an Iceberg Effects mini. All the machines look the same inside.

They all operate on the same inside with the same type of features. They just may look a little different or have different type of features. So with that said, you want to make sure that you clean it correctly.

Conclusion – Cold Spark Cleaning

So, what do you need to do for Cold Spark cleaning process? Let’s recap, disconnect, open this cap, turn the machine over, empty it out, put the cap back on, connect the wires again, go ahead and use the machine while it’s still hot. Get all the granules back out, all the sparks out until the machine runs but nothing comes out. Then you’ve cleared all the chambers, then disconnected, and then put it away for future use.

So, that’s the best way to clean your cold spark machine, regardless of where it’s from. That’s not just ours. Icepark effects, that’s all of them. Make sure you clean them, make sure you do the right thing. Don’t get any granules on the inside. Make sure you wipe the top off. We have other detailed videos in the description below on how to clean it.

So, that is how to clean a cold spark machine, otherwise known as Cold Spark Machine Cleaning Process. I’m Chris, this is CryoFX. Thanks for watching. Do me a favor, hit that like button because it definitely helps other people save themselves the agony and spare themselves time on how to clean the machine properly.