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Cold Spark Machine – How it Works – CryoFX®

How the Cold Spark Machine Works

Okay, here’s how a spark machine works. In other words, how our cold spark machine works. What you’re looking at is the interior of the spark machine. You’re looking at the drive gear.

Furthermore, the drive gear turns the corkscrew on the heater coil. This is the gear that just started
spinning. Behind that and above it is the little funnel where the granules go down into the heating coil chamber.

As we scroll down here in our cold spark machine, you’re going to see the drive motor at the bottom. The driver motor is the small gear turning the chain. That small gear turning the chain is the drive motor. As the chain turns, you have your circuitry on the left-hand side.

What’s more, you have your main drive shaft at the top. The main drive shaft has the corkscrew on it. This screws the granules into the chamber where the blower blows them up.

Off to the top left, you see a round piece. That’s the drive motor that drives the granules from that reservoir – which is the black piece in the center – into the little round shiny circle piece. Behind those grates where it falls down into the heater coil. Also, it gets pushed back into the blower area that blows it up and out of the top that you see now.


There you have it! The above is a brief overview of the various part of the cold spark machine, and how it works. The machine is suitable for emitting cold sparks. It is relatively safe, as it cannot catch fire. Also, users are able to customize how the sparks appear. You can always reach out to us at CryoFX to get one. A wonderful experience awaits you!