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DJ Bl3nd in Turkey with CryoFX® Co2 cryogenic special effect Jets

DJ Bl3nd in Turkey with CryoFX®

The Top 100 DJs in the world use CryoFX® to enhance their stage performance by blasting cryogenic theatrical smoke special effects to the crowd. Cryogenic theatrical smoke creates that party atmosphere that enhances your stage lighting. It also gives you that grand climax in your performance or highlights certain points of your DJ performance.

Let CryoFX® help you create stunning plumes of theatrical cryogenic smoke effects for your party, DJ performance or Movie production. CryoFX®, the Leader of CO2 Special Effects Equipment manufacturing and worldwide distribution, is proud to have helped hundreds of clients Cool off and WOW their crowd using custom CO2 Special Effects for their events and music stages. Call us at 619.855.2796 or visit our online store to get yours.

What Our Products Are Called?

Our Products are known by several names, including the following:

  • Custom CO2 Cryo Jets Systems,
  • CO2 Cannons,
  • CO2 Bazooka,
  • CO2 Blasters,
  • Cryo Guns,
  • Fog blasters,
  • Special effects smoke machine,
  • Cryo Cannons,
  • Cryo jets,
  • Swing CO2 Cryo jets,
  • Co2 Jet,
  • Club cannons,
  • LED CO2 cryo guns,
  • Co2 jet machine,
  • Cryo CO2 jet,
  • LED CO2 jet special effects.

Furthermore, Co2 Smoke Special Effects Cannon Jets shoot out plumes of frozen liquid Co2 in the form of smoke that automatically cools your crowd. This gives your party or event that party effect used at major nightclubs and music concerts.

How CryoFX Can Liven Up Your Show

CryoFX can custom design, build and install any custom CO2 mounted Jet System for any stage to fit your special effects needs. WOW the crowd at your concert or performance with our products and services.

Cryo special effects can design, build and manufacture a specific CO2 Cryo System Special Effects tailored to meet your smoke or fog special effects needs.

Who Needs Our Services?

Also, we serve a wide range of clients ranging from DJ’s and Night Club owners to even Hollywood Movie Producers and Movie Studio. We can work with you if you represent or are an agent for a famous singer.

Safety Caution

Never attempt to use any of the products mentioned in this article without the guidance of experts. All Co2 Special Effects products should be used by a trained professional at all times.

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