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Does CryoFX® Do Custom Projects

Does CryoFX do Custom Projects, and What’s the Process?

The answer is yes, we do carry out custom tasks, and we break these custom jobs down to a couple of different phases.

Phases of Our Custom Jobs

There is the concept phase, the design, the planning, and implementation and of course testing and on-site setup and install. Now that doesn’t cover all projects because some projects may have specific needs or requirements for only one or two of those phases. Some others may require something that’s outside those phases altogether.

Our Experience with Custom Tasks

Regardless, we do carry out custom tasks. We’ve had many successful custom projects in the past, ranging from smaller systems or handheld Cryo cannons that shoot off pyrotechnics 100 feet in the air up to anything like major systems that you’ll see at theme parks.

We’ve done crazy custom projects for certain diaper applications or freezing or tissue samples.  It’s really limitless when it comes to special effects, and it deals with co2. We do carry out a lot of custom jobs. Now, we service people in many aspects whether it’s TV and film or whether its other businesses that have nothing to do with special effects.

Get in Touch With Us

To learn more about our custom projects, you can contact us with the information available here on our website contact page. If you have a custom project in mind, please reach out to us.

Check Out Our Custom Projects

We’ve reviewed a lot of our jobs on our YouTube channel as well as on our projects page. Please feel free to check them out.

The projects we have on show are not all the custom projects we have ever done. However, they are enough to give you an idea of our creative abilities. Welcome to CryoFX and please let us know what custom jobs you have.