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G Eazy on Stage using CryoFX Co2 Cannons for MTV Fandom Awards

G Eazy on Stage using CryoFX Co2 Cannons

Here, you can watch G Eazy on stage making use of CryoFX Co2 Cannons during the music performance. She calls me, I screen it, I’m only f*** if it’s convenient. You lie on p***, that’s weak s***, we pass P*** ’round, that’s G s***. But you ain’t fam so what is this we s***? You cuff yours and then leash it. Listen, I’m tellin’ you, it’s my world, I does what I wish to. If you’re mad well too bad, sounds like a personal issue. I walk in, they all stare like who the f*** is this dude?

Kicks game is just rude, don’t get jiu-jitsued. Tunnel visions, I get ahead, stayed solid I never fled. My haters feel like I’m better dead, but I’m quite alive getting bread instead.

With a better girl, with a better face, I’m in a better place gettin’ better head. I just wanna stay broke forever, yeah that’s that s*** no one ever said.

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