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How Are CryoFX® Manifolds Configured

How Are CryoFX Manifolds Configured

So manifolds! How are the manifolds configured? Good question! It’s a multi-faceted question because it’s up to you. It’s the customer to advise us on what you want. Now, you need to know what you want before you can advise us. This video is going to give you the tools to understand how these manifolds work, and how to construct them. So that you can advise us on what you want.

Rudimentary Manifolds

Now rudimentary manifolds-they come in stainless steel block and aluminum manifolds.  Or a built, or constructed manifold, that is very price competitive-it’s a lot lower than either one of the previous two I just mentioned. It gets the job done.

With that said, a couple of things with manifolds. How many ports coming in? How many ports going out? Do you have any other specifications that you need on the manifold? Any safety valves, relief valves, exhaust ports, and exhaust ports go outside. You never want to advise and drain your exhaust inside a building, especially when you’re dealing with Co2.

The Design

With the manifolds themselves! We can design the manifolds where all the ports are on one side in and out, maybe the ends coming in and all out on one side. Maybe there’re two ends and there’s all out, or you have in on the end. On one of the ends, you have an exhaust, or a gauge; a pressure gauge on the other side.

Then you have outputs or out ports on both sides of the block. Those are a couple of different options. Kind of hard to imagine here! But on one of our sliders on our homepage, we have a couple of different block manifolds. You’ll be able to see what’s on there.

Port Sizes

The other options that go into manifolds; what size ports? Half inch, 3’8 inch, one a quarter-inch! We can also do fittings in those. So JIC, we have SAE- there are many different options. If you don’t know what the fittings are, we have another video on this page just on fittings. Also, they come in the ports, come in the ports. Yes, into the port. We can have on and off valves. We can have on and off valves going out.

The reason being is, that let’s say you’re constructing a system where you have all these tanks that are coming into the manifold, and you have two outs. So four ports coming in, two ports going out. Well if you want to switch one of those tanks, but you don’t want to clear your whole system out. You’d want on and off valves that individually turn off.

Furthermore, whatever inlet or outlet is going on at that manifold, those are all options that we can accommodate. The options are limitless. Of course, you have to have Co2, hoses, valves, and a manifold. So maybe there is a limit, but you get the point. The goal here is to explain the concept to you. To understand kind of where the parameters lie and what you need with the manifolds. Everything comes with a cost. The more bells and whistles, the more it’s going to cost.

Safety is Crucial

However, safety is number one. Generally, we have lever valves to make it super easy. Where if the valve is one way, it’s off; the other way, it’s on. That way, any employees or any multi-personnel that are coming in to use the system, they’re clearly defined on instructions and instructed on these instructions.

The instructions are clearly defined on how to use the manifold. That should cover everything with manifolds, and the options available. Now you can make a good decision on what manifolds you may need, and what bells, whistles, or options you have. Contact us if you have any other questions. This is CryoFX!