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How Do Cold Spark Machines Work?

Hey, what’s up, guys! Chris here with CryoFX! We’re going to explain to you how cold spark machines work. So let’s just cut straight to the chase. We have a cold spark machine here. We have the sides taken off so you can see it. You ask again, how does the cold spark machine work? Well, let’s go ahead and flip this baby around. We’re going to show you exactly how it works.

Various Parts of Cold Spark Machines

We’re going to start by explaining that you have the reservoir. That’s where your granules go. The granules sit in this reservoir. Then they kind of funnel down the reservoir to a corkscrew at the bottom. That corkscrew is driven by this motor. When the corkscrew funnels those granules forward, they’re going to fall into this little metal funnel right here.

This funnel funnels them down into another chamber- a horizontal chamber right here. That horizontal chamber has a bigger corkscrew in it. That bigger corkscrew funnels those through the heating element. This whole thing is a heating element. This whole section right here gets very hot. That is driven by a motor that’s down below here. This motor spins. It spins the chain. Then this wheel turns here, and that’s what turns that big corkscrew.

The Motor

The reason why this motor sits below is that it gets very hot. It would damage the motor; the coming off of this larger drive shaft and the whole part of the apparatus. So once this corkscrew funnels these forward through the heating element, 5000C. Then what happens is those granules fall into this vertical chamber where there is a blower. Flip this around, here’s the blower that blows air up, and comes out the chamber up to the top, up to where you see these sparks. The sparks fall into that chamber and then they get blown up.

Activating Your DMX Control

When you go ahead and activate your cold spark machines DMX control, the height adjustment is just this blower blowing out a different amount of air. It’s the velocity of the blower that’s blowing the air up, is that changes and that’s what changes the height of your sparks. The drive shaft and the corkscrew are going to continue to screw these forward. Then the blower is what changes and that’s what gives you your height. These are very complex machines.

This is the temperature element that’s inside since. This lets you know when it’s ready. We have this taken out for this video. We have the sites take it off. You’re not going to see a machine like this again. If you do see these machines, and you’ve opened your machine up like this, you probably voided the warranty at that point.

That’s why we’re explaining in this video now. But, these are very complex machines. They do very well and they look great. Here’s the control panel of it. We have another video that explains what the control panel does and a little bit more about how a cold spark machine works.

Endnote – Cold Spark Machines

That’s it! There you have it! We explained how cold spark machines work here. Check out more of our videos. Check out more of our machines. We have a couple of websites online called,, and There’s a bunch more. The main one is We hope to see you there. This is a nice spark FX machine, but they all work the same way. We’re the main distributor for spark Euler as well. So check us out I’m Chris! Take care, and have fun with your spark machines.