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How Do I Setup My Co2 Special Effects Products General Overview – CryoFX

Setting Up the Co2 Special Effects

How do I set up my Co2 special effects products; whether it’s a handheld cryo cannon, or Co2 cannon, or a Co2 jet? This video is a quick verbal explainer, showing you and telling you how to hook your Co2 special effects up. Other videos on our YouTube that show more in-depth on how to hook them up, and a lot more on our warehouse series videos!

Mounting the Tanks

Hence, what you do is you always mount your tanks where they need to go, and strap them down. If the larger tanks have caps on them, leave the caps on. You want to make sure the caps stay on until they’re strapped down. And they don’t move. Number one! Then you go ahead. You grab your hose and you grab your products wherever they are.

Okay! Maybe you put the Co2 special effects products if you have jets, you mount the products or you put the jets where they are going to go. Then you find out where the hose needs to go to where the tanks are. And then you strap the tanks down. But for the sample of this video, we’re going to talk about the tanks being strapped down first because that is the most important thing for safety.

Where to Put the Co2 Jets and Co2 Special Effects

Then your jets or your handheld cryogen or cannon go where they’re going to go. You hook the hose up to those first. Then you bring the hose; bring the hose over to the tanks. You take that Co2 fitting and you put a washer in the fitting. The washer goes in the fitting between that fitting, Co2 special effects, and the tank.

Once that’s there, you screw that fitting onto the Co2 tank as tight with your hands as you can get it. The majority of these fittings will screw on very easily until the hose stops moving like this. So if this is the fitting, horrible analogy, I’m going to do this here for the video. If the hose still moves like this, grab your wrench and tighten it a little bit more.

Why You Should Tighten the Hose

The reason being is that the Co2 fitting is going to butt up against the Co2 tank. And it’s going to stop moving. The hose will stop moving. You won’t be able to move it. Then you grab your wrench and you tighten a half turn or less. A quarter to half turns only! You don’t tighten this thing around multiple times. Just enough to seal and get that fitting on there.

Then, once that’s done, you got your tank and your hose connected, your Co2 Co2 special effects and your cannon, or your hose connected. Then you turn the tank on just slightly and you check for leaks everywhere. Turn it on slightly and then turn it back off. You’ll hear Co2 flowing into your hose. Then you turn it back off. Check for leaks. No leaks! You come back over and you turn it on. And then, you’re ready to use your Co2 special effects products. That’s how you set up a Co2 product or Co2 system.

Tanks – On or Off?

I leave those tanks off until I’m going to be using that. If it’s four o’clock in the afternoon and I’m not intending on using these until nine o’clock at night, I’m going to leave that off. You can leave a little bit of pressure on the line. Because later on, if you activate it without turning the tank back on, you can hear if the pressure’s still in there, which tells you there’s no leak. Maybe nine o’clock is when I’m going to use it. I come back over at eight or eight-thirty. Turn the tanks on. Boom! Now, I’m ready to go.

Final Thoughts – Co2 Special Effects

So this is how you set up your Co2 products. We have another video on this page that talks about how to strike or tear down your Co2 special effects products. Again, this was a quick overview. So it’s an explainer video. And this is what we recommend people watch instead of explaining on the phone. I hope this helps. This is CryoFX. Thanks for watching