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How Does A Co2 Jet Work [CryoFX®]

How Does A Co2 Jet Work?

What’s up guys! Chris here with CryoFX! Welcome to the CryoFX YouTube channel. Today’s video is on – how does a Co2 jet work? So we did another video that’s on the channel, link in the description. I’ll pop it somewhere on the screen here. How does a Co2 cannon work? This video is how a Co2 jet works.

Now, these are all called Co2 jets. Or what people call Co2 cannons, cryo jet, Co2 jet, cryogen, cryo cannon. You get the point. They all fall under this umbrella of cryogenic special effects. So you’re asking “how does a Co2 jet work?” What we’re going to do is we’re going to cover today’s Co2 jet. Yeah, you’re probably wondering what that one is.

Of course, some Co2 jets and how they work. Again the other video; how does the Co2 cannon work? This was a handheld Co2 cannon. The link is in the description for that.  Let’s get these out of the way here. So I can clear up some space.

DMX 512 Co2 Jet from CryoFX

How does the Co2 jet work? At the inside of a Co2 jet, we’ll start with this one. This is the DMX 512 Co2 jet from CryoFX. Inside, all these bells and whistles, is just this little valve, right here. That little guy, Co2 valve, liquid Co2 solenoid valve, to be exact. Or a cryogenic valve was what this is all is, cryogenics.

This valve powers the inside of this if you will. Doesn’t power it, but you get the point. The Co2 flows through this. This turns on and off. That’s what makes a Co2 go out, or stop going out. You get the point.

Type Of Co2 Tank You Need For Cryo Stage Effects

This also has DMX capabilities. It has power con capabilities. I’m not here to tell you about those. I’m here to tell you how this works. You start with your tank. The tank has the liquid Co2. It’s a dip tube tank. This means, picture a straw in a soda cup. When the straw is in the soda cup and you squeeze a soda cup, liquid comes out of the straw. Same thing here! The straw goes all the way down, or the dip tube or the adductor tube goes all the way down.

When you take the straw to the soda cup and squeeze the top. Well, no liquid comes out because the air at the top is going to come out first. Same concept with these tanks! Yes, that’s a rudimentary concept. I hope that you get that. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. So it starts with the tank. Red around this tank means a customer-owned tank. This tank is liquid Co2. The abductor tube goes all the way down. So, when I turn this valve on, liquid Co2 would come out.

Details Of A Co2 Jet And How To Connect It

You would have your hose. Your hose connects to the tank. You want to make sure that you use one of these washers. The washer resides in between this Co2 fitting and your tank. The reason being is, that brass on brass, probably not going to be a clean connection. Because of that, you’re going to get a leak. People will over-tighten this fitting to try to compensate for that, which will end up breaking the fitting. Simply just use one of these washers. It’s simple! Washer here goes in between, bridges that gap. Your Co2 flows through that hose, to one of these jets. We’ll talk about these in a minute.

What Happens Inside A Co2 Jet?

Inside, what ends up happening? And again, how does a Co2 jet work? Inside, this is how the Co2 will flow to the valve. The valve is shut. When the valve gets actuated by some electric current, regardless of what it is. This coil pulls the piston up and allows the Co2 to flow through the valve and out the other side. When it flows out the other side, it’s coming out the nozzle. Nozzle! Nozzles! Nozzles! Okay Chris, get it? I get it. You get the point. That’s basically how it works. The only other bells and whistles with these are what they can do.

Different Functions Between Co2 Jets And Their Features

The difference between this Co2 jet and this Co2 jet! Internally, the same valve is inside both of these. The only difference is this. One is a stationary Co2 jet. You can manually move the nozzle back and forth, from side to side. Wherever you want to put it, it allows for DMX. It allows for rudimentary DMX switching.

And of course, you have your power cons on the other side. Now, what’s the difference between this, because internally the same. Right? That’s correct. But this one is called our XY Jet. The reason being is the DMX controls it left and right on one access. Then up and down, or side to side, on another access. It looks like R2D2. Yes, I already know. Leave a comment in the description. Hit the like button if that’s a good analogy right. So, that’s basically how they work.

Then you have your Co2 cannon. These are co2 cannons. The difference between these; is you have your basic and your plus. This one has a digital DMX on it. Again, inside, the same thing is inside

Co2 Jet Solenoid Valves

Furthermore, you have your valve. It’s just a different valve. That’s it. The valve is on the inside of this. You have your nozzle. Where’s the nozzle? Nozzle connects to one of the sides like this. I’m doing all these maneuvers over here. Nozzle connects like this. Also, you got your quick disconnect on the other side. Same thing! This valve is what turns on and off and allows the Co2 to flow in and out.

Leaking Co2 Valve

When there’s a problem with it and you have a leaking Co2 valve, or a liquid Co2 valve leak, or something like that. Yes, it’s the valve leaking. The jet, the casing, the body, all that does is provide a nice case, provide an aesthetically pleasing look for it. And allow you to do different things; connect 5-pin, or 3-pin DMX, and connect the power ports. Turn on and off. Maybe, you want to use the DMX or you want to use it with power on and off.

DMX Settings for Co2 Jet

And of course, the DMX setting.  This one’s digital. This one, you can’t see it here. Let’s turn this around. This one is a rudimentary dip switch. That is the only difference between all of these right here. That’s it. Simple!

Co2 Jets In Action

Of course, I didn’t want to leave you hanging. So, showing some live footage of Co2 jets in action! Here’s one set up on stage for an event in San Diego. Here, the green circles are the Co2 jets. Red arrows are the Co2 lines. And of course, green circles and green arrows are Co2 jets along the front stage.

What’s more, here are Co2 jets in action and of course more Co2 jets in action. And last but not least, the stage view of some Co2 jets and what they look like. Here’s some confetti, Co2 jets, and a ton of Co2 jets in action. Ready and there you go. More Co2 jets live and this is how a Co2 jet works. Back to the video!


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That’s it for this video. This was a super quick overview of how a Co2 jet works. If you’re looking at these Co2 jets, maybe you see a Co2 cannon in Ibiza or Ibiza, whatever you call it, or the Co2 cannon, the DJs use. Maybe you have a Co2 jet DMX, we talked about that here. And of course a Co2 jet machine. Don’t want to forget about that, because these are machines that were covered in this video. Thanks for watching. Until next time [Music]