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How Long Do Co2 Tanks Last?

So, how long do Co2 tanks last? We have an entirely separate video specific on this question. But getting right to the point here for most commonly asked questions. In this FAQ section – how long does a Co2 tank last? Here is a brief breakdown:

  • 20 pound tank – 40 seconds
  • 35 pound tank – about 60 to 70 seconds
  • 50 pound tank – about a minute 15 second to a minute and a half
  • 75 pound – these tanks double – about 150 seconds.
  • 100 pound tanks – about 200 seconds

Then anything over a hundred that’s going to be separate.

High Pressure Tanks

And of course, the general gist of this as high pressure Co2 tanks is whatever the tank size of gas that it carries. 20 pounds 40 seconds. You have 50 pound about 100 seconds. You’re going to take the size of the tank of the gas that it carries and times it by two.

If you do that you’ll be safe. Now again, you can’t hold us to this. The reason being is ambient temperature controls the amount of co2 that’s in the tank. The hotter the temperature the less liquid you’re going to get. Also, the colder the temperature the more liquid you’re going to get.

Using Gas

Now, if you’re using gas as a gas draw. For anybody who comes to us for gas only, this is very hard to determine. The reason being is there’s many factors that go into the Co2 tanks themselves. This include:

  • What you’re using the gas for
  • Any valves, any regulators, any pieces of equipment
  • The orifice sizes of the equipment
  • How much the valve is on the tank itself

All is relevant to gas use.

Using Liquid

Typically, with liquid use, the tank is either on or off. All the way on or all the way off. You’re not going to run liquid through a regulator. Generally and of course the valves themselves for special effects or other purposes are on or off.

Endnote – Co2 Tanks Usage

That’s how we can give you an estimation for Co2 tanks use and how much co2 is in my tank. When we talk about tanks, as far as liquid goes, gas different story, it’s all over the board. If you have any other questions; on gas or anything else as far as other types of gas and tanks things like that, feel free to message us. We’re glad that you’re here and we’ll definitely take care of you with more information. Welcome to CryoFX.