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The Cost of Filling A Co2 Tank

How much does it cost to refill a Co2 tank? Great question, and this really depends on a few factors.

Factors Affecting Price of Co2 Tank Fills

First, your location. The company you get it from also matters, of course. We offer Co2 tank rental so, shameless plug, I got to put that in there. And more importantly, what else is involved? Are you bringing your own tank, and you’re swapping the tank out, are you buying a tank and getting it filled with Co2? Or do you already have a tank like I said, and you’re swapping it out or returning it for a different type of tank?

These are a couple of the things, there are many other things. So, the type of tank as well, large, small bulk or high pressure. We have other videos on this page that address those.

Why CryoFX is The Best Option for You

When you come through us, you don’t have to put in hefty deposits. Also, you don’t have to be a business. We offer Co2 to a lot of people. Other companies will not. You either have to be a business or you have to put a couple thousand dollars down as a deposit. there are a lot of things that are involved there.

Co2 Tank Refill Prices

Now, with all of this said, how much does it cost to refill a Co2 tank in general?  This depends on the area but in general, this really abides by what size of Co2 tank do you have. 20 pound, 35 pound, 50 pound, you have 70, 60 pound, 75 pound, of course hundred pound, 135, so there are different sizes. Then you have your doers 130, 160 liters. We have other videos that talk about the tanks on this page.

But in general, you’re going to expect to pay somewhere between thirty dollars and sixty dollars for a 20 pound tank. Not always. Sometimes, lower, sometimes more. Again, supply, demand, and location. The 50 pound tanks, those are going to be anywhere between 45 and 80 dollars.  Again, this depends on location and I’m giving you those two sizes because you can divide that price by the quantity of Co2 and times it by whatever other size tank. That will give you a good idea.

We Are At Your Service

Now, do you need Co2 delivered? Deliveries have to be to a business, no, residential deliveries have their own fees associated with that hazmat fees, environmental fees, certain processing fees. If there’s a specific place that they need to be delivered, but the truck has a hard time getting access, you might have an access route fee or a limited access fee, I should say.

And of course, the delivery, and the pickup itself. So, there are many things that go into that. Now when there are deliveries, the tanks are getting delivered, typically they are put on the dock. Otherwise, they are put where they are, and you have to take them from that point. For liability purposes, say that the driver or the delivery guy cannot bring these inside, they cannot set them up and that gets into a whole different can of worms.

Endnote – Cost to Fill Co2 Tank

In general, this should answer your questions on how much Co2 costs or how much the Co2 refill costs. Contact us with your inquiries, we fill Co2 liquid nitrogen, helium, argon, mixed gas, welding gas, all of it. However we can’t quote you until we know what you need, so contact us at gas and that page will provide you more information. This is CryoFx, thanks for watching.