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Tightness of Co2 Fitting

How tight should my Co2 fitting be? Good question, and we want to make sure that you don’t break the fitting. Every Co2 fitting on a Co2 tank should always have a washer. Always, Co2 fittings require washers. If there’s a leak, it’s because you don’t have a washer. You don’t over tighten it to fix the leak, you need a washer. So if the washer’s there when the fitting’s on, the best way to tell how it’s on is to hand tighten it all the way down.

Do this until the neck of the fitting doesn’t move anymore, or the hose doesn’t move. And then you take the wrench, and you do a half turn, half turn, quarter of a turn. Make sure it’s on there. Do a little test, open the tank up, make sure it doesn’t leak, and then you should be good. So, literally, a half turn. You don’t need to crank this thing multiple times. If you do, you’re going to break the fitting. This should answer how tight should my Co2 fitting be on my tank. This is CryoFX, thanks for watching.

SAE Fittings

SAE fitting is the technical term and these do not require washers or thread tape. It’s a metal-to-metal connection just like that and it seals and it seals pretty tight at high pressure. So those are the general fittings here I just wanted to bring.

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