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  1. Cryogenics Special Effects Company CryoFX

    Cryogenics Special Effects Company CryoFX
    CryoFx Co2 Equipment lets you create your own cryogenics special effects Cryogenics Special Effects from CryoFX Have you recently attended an EDM concert or any other music festival or musical performance, nightclubs or Bar?  Did you notice smoke coming out of a stage, movie or music video?  Have you noticed smoke special effects coming out of the dance floor? Ever...
  2. CryoFX® Provides Co2 Jets Used in the HUM - Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. Ummet Ozcan

    Video directors generally have a few seconds to capture a viewer’s attention. If a music video is boring or lacks a positive vibe; a viewer might decide to look for something else to watch. The CryoFX® team did its part to showcase; the proper way to display special effects using Co2 Jets in the official music video for the “HUM.”...

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