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CryoFX® Supplies Custom Special Effects Equipment for Comic-Con 2015

CO2 Special Effects Frozen Smoke Equipment for Sale by CryoFX July 17, 2015 – SAN DIEGO — Comic-Con 2015 was a sensational event that featured four information packed days about comics, film-making, iconic characters, cartoons, art forms and exhibits. The event was held downtown at the San Diego Convention Center from July 9, 2015 through July 12, 2015. Comic-Con […]

CO2 Special Effects Equipment Clients and Custom CO2 System Customers

CO2 Special Effects Equipment and Custom CO2 System Customers CryoFX® is the Leader in CO2 Special Effects Equipment manufacturing and worldwide distribution. At CryoFX, we’re proud to have helped the hundreds of clients with our services. These include event production companies, Nightclub Owners, and Professional Disk Jockeys (DJs). Also, our special effects equipment are suitable […]