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What Are Options Available For CryoFX® Manifolds

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Options Available For CryoFX® Manifolds

What are the options for manifolds and setups when you’re dealing with CryoFX? Great question, and this is how we calculate and build our manifolds. First, you need to understand what you can and cannot do with them. And then we go ahead, and we build them for you.

There are many different options when it comes to manifold, and so keeping this video short. I’m going to cover just the general options. However, just because they’re not mentioned in this video doesn’t mean that we don’t offer them. Options include having ports on different sides of the manifold. Typically the ports come on one of the faces of the manifold and then ports on one or both of the ends.

Block Manifold, Stainless Steel or Aluminum

These are the block manifold, stainless steel or aluminum. If we construct the manifolds in-house, the price-friendly model manifolds that we build ourselves, those we can configure in multiple different ways.

What’s more, we have other videos specifically on that. Jumping back over to the square block manifolds, we can do different lengths, we can have the ports different spacing sizes apart. The ports can be different sizes themselves. Quarter inch, 3, 8 inch, half inch. We can have different fittings. Put into those upon delivery to you. We build these in-house, and we construct them in-house.

Other Manifold options

Other options that go on the manifold as well include the on and off ball valves, on and off electronic valves. We also have check valves so one-way flow either in or out. We can have markings put on the manifolds.

Also, the manifolds can have colors, we can also do handles on the manifolds, and we can put any type of fittings on the manifolds that you want. And of course, like I said, we can have different designs and different types of manifold.

Obviously there is a maximum length because those drill bits that drill into them have to be able to get into the middle of the manifold. Therefore, there is a maximum length. We can disclose that on the phone, but this should cover the general items that are available for manifold that are built with CryoFX.

Contact Us Today!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or contact us, and we’ll make sure that we get you the manifold that you need. Also, feel free to check on our website. We have some of our banners that show some of the manifold that we’ve built before. Again, it’s non-inclusive, so there are many others that are out there that we have just not taken pictures of. Thank you and welcome to CryoFX.