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What Is Needed For a Custom Project Quote [CryoFX®]

What Is Needed For a Custom Project Quote [CryoFX®]

What’s needed for a custom project quote? There are a number of things that you need. Without being all-inclusive here, this breaks down to a couple of things. What is the budget for your project? And we’re not scared of asking for that because we definitely do not try to exceed your budget. We ask because there are many different ways to build custom projects and to do certain systems and applications.

Budget Considerations

We want to make sure that we’re going in the right direction right up front and of course if the budget doesn’t permit for our services, we want to make sure that we save your time and we also save our time. We can perhaps route you in a different direction. Again, we’re here to give you advice. You can advise us on what you need. Our aim is to satisfy you as the customer.

Other Factors for Custom Project Quote

So, what else do you need? The specifications of the project. Renders? Drawings? Permitting? Are you handling the permits, or are we handling the permits? Those are things that we do. What else do you want to include? What phases of the project do you need assistance with? Do you need assistance with conceptual phase? Design phase? Planning and implementation? Testing and on-site installation? These are multiple different phases.

The Scope of Our Services

However, we handle it all. Anything from concept to ideas to just talking. We can talk, I’m talking right now. All the way over to installation and full training, on-site training whether it’s videos, manual creation, line renders, engineering drawings, all of it.

Besides, I don’t want to limit us to what we can do but when it deals with special effects, taking into consideration safety, the law and any governing bodies. And of course, your project requirements and parameters. Essentially, we work within all of these.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today for a custom project quote. Please, let us know what you need, and we’ll let you know what we need in return. Thank you and welcome to CryoFX.