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What Is The Difference Between An iSpark FX M2 – M3 – M4 Cold Spark Machine?

So, what’s the difference between an M2 and M3 and an M4 Cold Spark machine? iSpark Effects Cold Spark Machine. The major difference is this, the M2 shoots anywhere from 13 to 16ft high. Now, this is the general heights. Also, sparks are going to go to different heights, but in general, 16ft high, they are activated. That when you activate the DMX switch, it will get higher and higher and higher as the slider, if you will, goes up.

Height Difference

Now, the M2 goes 16ft. The M3 only goes 13ft. And it normally depends on the model or the type of version of the machine, I should say because M2 and 3 as well as M4 are the different models, the type of version, some versions will just stay as steady on and off. Others will actually go small, medium, large if you will. And of course, the M4 is going to be only six and a half feet.

So again, M4, six and a half feet height. In The M3, you got 13ft height, double what the M4 does. And the M2 is going to go 16 ft high. And that one allows you to do multiple heights, if you will. That’s the major difference between the machines. Of course, the sizing on the machine is a little bit different.

Size Difference

The M3 and the M4 are minis, so those are smaller. The M2 is a little bit bigger. We’re not going to cover the details on the dimensions here, as you could visit the product pages. And those have the individual dimensions on there, the weights and all the power, all that good stuff. That’s the main difference between the Ice Spark M2, M3 and M4 Cold Spark Machine. Thank you for watching. This is CryoFX.