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The Longest Single Blast You Can Shoot With the Co2 Cannon Or Jet?

What is the longest single blast that you can do with a handheld cryo cannon, Co2 cannon, or a cryojet Co2 jet? Whatever you want to call it. Well, that really is determined on ambient temperature. But to be safe, we recommend that you do not do any single blasts for more than five seconds on the Co2 cannon. And of course, just because you do one blast for five seconds doesn’t mean you lay off it. You go back on, and you do another blast for another five seconds.

How the Valve Works

Just think of it this way; If that valve inside which is that the core of whatever Co2 cannon or jet that you’re using or a handheld device that you’re using it’s a valve, there’s an orifice here. This is a small little hole. Hence, you have Co2 running into that small hole. It’s getting compressed down, and then it’s expanding. When it gets past that small hole and out into the atmosphere. That’s what gives you the effect, that area gets extremely cold.

That’s the coldest part of the entire system, and what ends up happening is it will freeze over. If it freezes over, then you’re not able to shut off your system. The valve will get stuck open. You’ll waste your Co2, the handheld device, and the ball. The spring that’s inside may get stuck backwards. Also, you might get a chunk of dry ice in there. This is because that change over super quick makes it dry ice that may freeze your handheld Co2 cannon open, and then you can’t use it. Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to shut it off, and you’re running to try to shut the tank off somewhere else.

Ideal Duration

We advise only five seconds, give it maybe a minute, two minute, five-minute break, come back and use it again.  Have people used this in 10 seconds, yes, we’re not advising that. When you use this you’ll get comfortable with the product, and you’ll know where the sweet spot is.

Endnote – Longest Single Blast for Co2 Cannon

To use it, take a break, use it, take a break so that should answer the question on how long should a single blast be for my Co2 cannon or my Cryojet, things like that. Thank you for watching Cryo FX.