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What Type Of Co2 Tank Is Needed For The Co2 Backpack Or Cryo Backpack [CryoFX®]

The Type Of Co2 Tank Needed For The Co2 Backpack Or Cryo Backpack

What type of tank is needed for the Co2 backpack or the Cryo backpack? Well, if you have a backpack from Cryo FX, those backpacks actually sit upside down, so you’re going to need a regular Co2 tank. Yes, a regular tank. Picture a cup with a straw in it, if you take the straw out and turn the cup upside down, the liquid is going to come out, same concept here. Now if you have a Co2 cannon backpack, those backpacks keep the tank right side up.

Furthermore, take that cup back around, put the straw in, it pushes the cup. Now the liquid comes out, same concept with the tanks. So, the Co2 cannon backpacks, when the valve is at the top or any backpack where the tank sits at the top, the tank valve sits at the top near the neck. You’re going to need a siphon tube tank or a liquid draw tank also called dip tube or a duct or tube tank.

About Inverted Tanks

Now, a Co2 or sorry a Cryo backpack where the tank is inverted for safety purposes, to keep the valve at the lower end of your back and not near your neck, that is going to be a regular Co2 tank. Regardless, we recommend aluminum but if you can only find steel, so be it. It’s just some added weight. That tank needs not to be a siphon tube tank, just a regular Co2 tank.

No siphon tube is necessary because the tank is inverted, and it’s upside-down. Hence, that should take care of that question on what type of tank do I need for my Co2 backpack? Welcome to CryoFX.

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