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What’s That Smell I’m Getting From My Co2 Hose (Non-CryoFX® Hose)

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What’s That Smell I’m Getting From My Co2 Hose?

You may ask, what’s that smell I’m getting from my Co2 hose? Well, let me tell you this right off the bat. It’s probably not a CryoFX hose. And that’s a good question because you are having a problem with your hose.

Possible Sources of Burn Smells

What’s more, you’re probably wet and got a hose that was not designed for this specific application. The temperatures, the type of medium that’s in it, certain mediums extract certain oils and certain smells from hoses as CO2 would do as well. And what you’re smelling is probably burnt rubber or rubber because that hose was not designed for CO2. Therefore, you need to contact us. Also, you will need to get a hose from us that’s specifically designed for CO2.

Safety Caution

Also, there are other safety features that are involved and included in our hoses that we listing other videos on this page. Some of those are the way the hose is manufactured. Other features that are on the hose are what’s done to the outside the hose to allow the CO2 to breathe. So, you don’t get bubbles on your hose. However, if you have a bubble, do not pop it. Because you’ll pop your eardrum right out of your head. I’m not saying that for shock value.  That’s a true statement.


This video should answer, what’s that smell for my hose? That’s probably what you’re getting, and I told you how to fix it. Other videos on this page talk about other features of the hose and other questions you may have. Thank you for watching and this is CryoFX.

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