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What’s The Difference Between Sparkular and iSparkFX Cold Spark Machines [CryoFX®]

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The Difference Between Sparkular and iSparkFX Cold Spark Machines

What’s the difference between Sparkular and iSparkFX or any other Cold Spark Machines? That’s a great question, as they all are, the difference between Sparkler and IceSpark Effects really is the workmanship. And of course, the way the machine is designed. Now, Sparkular is known as a staple product in this industry. However, its downsides are, being transparent, higher prices, of course, a little bit more complicated repair process in some aspects.

And of course, a couple of other things that we’ve had feedback from customers; that we just can’t present in this video. I’m just kidding. Actually, they’re a very good product, and we do recommend them. However, iSparkFX is also a good product as well and iSparkFX really is the consumer friendly, price competitive product

Internal Design and Features

Now, when you get inside of each machine – Sparkular and iSparkFX – the builds are a little bit different. They’re engineered differently, they’re designed differently. The main parts, as with any Spark machine, are going to be the same. You have your reservoirs, your heating coils, your boards, control or logic boards, if you will, and power boards.

The way these are all designed and the way they are put together is going to be different between the machines. We’ve been aware, and we’ve been made aware of that. Sparkly products, you can actually leave the granules in the machine, move the machine around, and you don’t have to empty the granules out of the machine. To some clients, they like that better.

To other clients, they would rather just empty the machine anyway, which we also advise doing. Don’t leave your Spark granules in the machine and don’t move the machine with them in it. And that’s exactly what we advise for Ice, Spark Effects and of course, other machines as well, regardless of what machine you have and what brand it is.

But if you’re going to be doing that anyways, why not just get Iceberg effects? Of course, the decision is yours. We just want to present the options and availability.

More Differences Between the Products

Now, other differences may be the amp draw, the wattage, of course, some other functions and features, the way the menu is, the LCD screen, of course, the granules, the granules may be different price points, different machines take different granules. Now, for instance, I Spark Effects, regardless if it’s the M, two M, three M, four machines, which are the smaller ones, the mini ones are the regular size. They all take 200 grams packs.

The majority of our clients like that better, as opposed to a Sparkly machine or a mini sparkler mini, where you have to get 50 grand packs, 450 grams packs equal 1200 grand pack. Now for 50 grand packs, at whatever cost they are, is more or less probably going to be twice as expensive as a 200 grams pack with Iceberg effects. Again, just want to lay this out for you and answer the question directly what the differences are.

Really, there is no difference between sparks from Sparkular and iSparkFX the day, do you want to spend more money or do you want to spend less money? Really? You’re going to be getting the same product across the board, and we service these products, so we know and just want to be transparent with you.

Conclusion -Differences Between Sparkular and iSparkFX

The choice between Sparkular and iSparkFX cold spark machine is yours. You have your cost friendly product, or you have the more expensive product. It’s a little bit more of a name brand. Remember, brands are really what you’re paying for it’s so, Sparkular does have hype about it, but you’re more or less also just paying for the brand name as well. Just want to be transparent and this answers what is the difference between Sparkular and iSparkFX.