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135lb Co2 Tank (Siphon)
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This 135lb Steel Co2 Tank with Siphon Tube is perfect for use with large scale productions and Co2 Effects System requiring a large quantity of Co2. This tank is better suited for situations where constant moving is not required. This tank does include a siphon tube (also called a Dip Tube or Eductor Tube). For liquid use, such as with CryoFX Co2 Jets, you do not have to turn it upside down. This 135lb tank has a limit of roughly 3 minute 45 seconds of liquid Co2 supply.

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135lb Steel Co2 Tank, with Siphon Tube. The 135lb Co2 Tank with Siphon Tube can be used for any application requiring Co2 within North / South America and Canada. More specifically, any region which uses a CGA320 style Co2 Valve. This size tank is the largest high pressure specialty style tank for nightclubs, productions, festivals and any other type of application requiring large quantities of Co2 with the least amount of Co2 Tanks. This steel style Co2 tank will last for years to come as others in use currently have been used since 1960s. This tank does include a siphon tube, therefore when used in its upright position, it will disperse Co2 in it's Liquid form.

When used in conjunction with CryoFX co2 cannon or night club cannon led jet, it will disperse liquid co2 as needed for this style of Co2 Jets to work. This tank is made from Steel and is hydro tested before sale, which is required to get filled by any Co2 Gas facility that fills Co2 Tanks. This tank may be reconditioned as new.

135 LB. Co2 Tank Steel Siphoned

Our Large Co2 Tanks also known as Co2 Cylinders and have enough capacity to ideally last you for your whole event.  The 135lbs Co2 Tank is perfect for cooling the dance floor at high-energy nightclubs. DJs and other entertainers can depend on CryoFX® for quality products that provide massive output. At 135 pounds, our largest Co2 Tank can deliver more plumes of Co2 Smoke than smaller sized Co2 tanks and last you longer.

Long-Lasting Co2 Tanks for Special Effects     

Whether hosting an event for an A-list entertainer or sharing the stage with a local band, a DJ can operate more efficiently with our 135-pound Co2 tank. For certain large-scale events, long-lasting Special Effects Equipment from CryoFX® may require a smaller quantity of Co2 Tanks, fewer equipment changes and can eliminate the need for a Co2 Backpack. For sets with extended special effects, our 135-pound Co2 Tank has the capacity to outperform our competitors. 

Steel Co2 Tank Design From CryoFX®

While our 135-pound Co2 Tank is fairly easy to transport, it is designed for stationary use. This Steel Siphoned Co2 Tank has an upright cylinder styled design that delivers the optimal performance when placed on a flat surface.

Measuring 74 inches tall and 11 inches in diameter, this high-quality Co2 Tank has a total weight of 240 pounds. When dispensing bursts of Co2 Smoke for less than two seconds, this Co2 Tank will be operable for approximately three minutes and forty-five seconds.

Reliable Co2 Equipment and Products

CryoFX® provides reliable Co2 Equipment and Products. While many DJs, production companies and entertainers have experiences with subpar Co2 Equipment, the occurrence could change the overall mood for a crowded audience. However, with Professional Co2 Equipment from CryoFX®, users can expect our products to perform at high-level standards, and to increase the energy at popular events.

Instead of using aluminum Co2 Tanks or cheaply manufactured Co2 Hoses, users can trust our branded Co2 Products, such as our CryoFX® Steel Co2 Tanks and our CryoFX® High-Performance Hoses. Get the same Co2 Special Effects Products that we supply for some of the most renowned DJ, entertainers, musicians, nightclubs and corporate clients. 

Ordering the135-Pound Co2 Steel Tank Siphoned

Co2 Equipment and Co2 Supplies are easy to order from CryoFX®. Local purchases may be completed at one of our showrooms in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas or San Diego. Inquires about ordering the 135-Pound Co2 Steel Tank Siphoned may be made via our online order form or by phone. Speak with a CryoFX® representative today by calling (619) 855-2796.



Note: We can also offer this tank with no siphon tube as well, for those applications outside Co2 Special Effects requiring Co2 Gas delivery.

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Additional Information

Weight (lbs) 240.0000
Weight (kgs) 108.86
Model 135lb Siphon CO2 Steel Tank
Height No
Length No
Width No
Output No
Size and Type No
Operation No
DMX Channels No
Linkable No
Power No
Voltage No
Power Cord Length No
Tank Height 74 Inches (187.96cm)
Tank Width 11 inches (27.94cm)
Tank Weight No
Tank Material Steel
Tank Color Grey
Tank Style Siphon - Includes Dip Tube
Tank Capacity 135lbs
Tank Valve Outlet Orientation CGA-320 USA
Temperature Rating No
Range of Motion No
LED Count No
LED Color No
LED Wattage No
Reach No
Nozzle Material No
Pressure Rating No
Hose Length No
Warranty No
Warranty (Tank) 15 Day - Operational Defect

Client Testimonials
  • tsKyle Padilla
    “CryoFX is reliable, professional, and ahead of the curve with all things Cryo. I use CryoFX for almost all of my productions, having used them for video shoots with world renowned DJs such as Nicky Romero, NERVO, Krewella, and Don Diablo. Hands down, they are by far the experts and the best!” ... more
  • tsCJ Smith Producer
    “CryoFX is hands down the best Special Effects Company for Co2! They drove to my set in Los Angeles with multiple tanks and Co2 Guns for Nicki Romero ft. Nervo music video shoot. I recommend everything from business with the owner to their products, it is truly a unique service. We will use them agai” ... more
  • tsNate A
    “Awesome, simply awesome. I am using your system to mimic gun blasts off a man portable tank. The high quality gun offers an exciting effect! I was able to get roughly 70 good blasts off a 20lb tank. The high quality gun unit is easily customizable and the safety lock is a nice feature. The CryoFX te” ... more
  • tsSkip Entertainment Corpus Christi, Texas
    “The CryoFX Gun was a great addition to my mobile DJ rig. The customer service was great, and they answered all my questions about using Co2. I highly recommend CryoFX for your business. They are affordable and super cool (Literally)!” ... more
  • tsBob Shelley Special Effects
    “We love the Cryo Gun and it did exactly what we needed it to do on the set for Scary Movie 5 filming. The producers liked it more than the fog and it was definitely cold.” ... more
  • tsAdam Cover
    “Our CryoFX product was a fantastic add on to our on going system. We've had our system for about 3 months, no issues to this day and I have to say, all of our clients that came to witness out system share the same opinion, a product for success for the entertainment industry. ” ... more
  • tsJoshua Montiel
    “We just got done finishing our float for our downtown festival, we tested out the CryoFX nostrils you guys customized for us that we used for our Giant on the float and everything works in harmony. I cant wait to see what all of our follows will do once they witness this new addition. thank you!” ... more
  • tsGeorge P.
    “Thank you for working with our team to optimize our event. Adding a Cryo man was a great addition to our tour. Turned out to be the main spectacle of our event. The crowd loved the CryoFX Special Effects. Rental prices were affordable and customer service was on point.” ... more
  • tsPreston M.
    “I never would have thought I would be able to work in sync to create a fully functional emergency stop system to fit our CryoFX product. A great team to work with, quick turnaround time for any occurring issues that presented themselves. Boost the volume of customers at our event significantly. Than” ... more

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