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Custom CryoFX® CO2 Equipment Road Cases better known as Travel Cases, Flight Cases, Touring Road Trunks or DJs Road Cases can be custom designed and built any size and for any co2 equipment that CryoFX carries. Protect your Co2 Equipment investment with a durable custom made road case. Call a Co2 Cryo Expert to customize your Road Case and to get a custom quote.

Travel Cases for Co2 Equipment

Protective cases for Co2 Equipment can safeguard a variety of items from damages. Whether traveling to local gigs or through an airport terminal, DJs and entertainers can store Special Effects Equipment, musical instruments, Handheld Co2 Jets, audio equipment, motion picture equipment or other fragile items within a durable travel case. CryoFX® offers custom travel cases that can withstand normal shipping procedures and baggage handling at most major airports.

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CryoFX® Custom CO2 Equipment Road Cases