SparkFX™ M3 Mini 2-Pack Cold Spark Machines + Case

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iSparkFX™ M3 Mini Cold Spark Machine 2 Pack with Flight Case & Accessories is the perfect setup for any DJ, Wedding DJ, or Event Specialist thats on a budget.

iSparkFX™, also referenced as a Cold Spark Fountain or Cold Fireworks, is the number one choice of Cold Spark Fountains.

With its precise engineering and profound capability to be safe while entertaining the eye, iSparkFX™ is the closest you will get to a fireworks show up close and center.

iSparkFX™ does not emit flames or flammable particles, therefore creating a safe environment compared to similar fireworks products.

Note: The iSparkFX™ M3 Cold Spark Machine is the direct source manufacturer equivalent of the ProX Blitzz Cold Spark Machine.

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