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What is the cost of Co2 tank refill? Over the last few years, the utilization of bulk carbon dioxide storage in cylinders or outdoor tanks has increased dramatically. The International Energy Agency estimates that “Globally, some 230 million tonnes (Mt) of carbon dioxide (CO2) are used every year.”

In case you’re wondering where some of the 230 million tonnes goes, bulk CO2 is used in the operations of every restaurant, brewery, welding provider, indoor grower, and many manufacturing companies. In addition, many home-brewers, paintball facilities, and hospitals use CO2.

I’ve certainly had my fair share of bruises thanks to some CO2-powered paintball guns. In addition, I’ve also used some CO2 every time I pull my tap at home on our keg to release my favorite frosty beverage. But I digress.

We know the typical applications for CO2, but the 21st century has brought some serious fun into the entertainment world regarding Co2.

Applications of CO2 in the Entertainment Industry

CO2 is very popular in the entertainment industry. Directors and special effects teams use smoke and fog to produce unique experiences in movies, concerts, theme parks, special presentations, and even parties.

Bands, DJs, Bars, and Nightclubs

Imagine this scene. You’re at a wedding, and most early birds have left. The real party is just beginning, and most bridesmaids have kicked off their shoes.

It’s hot, and the music is thumping. Then, suddenly, a cold burst of air hits you on the dance floor like a cloud. No one knew what it was, but you and the dancing guests cheered loudly.

What you just experienced was a CO2-powered cryo gun.

Theater Performances or Movie Sets

You’re on a special date night with your partner, watching a theater performance. Honestly, maybe you’re not even a theater lover, but you promised you’d see this particular show.

The lights go down, and the curtain goes up. You suddenly notice beams of light cutting across the room that look like smoke or fog. It’s essential for the scene, and you can’t figure out how they executed it so well.

Smoke and fog special effects are essential for creating visible mid-air laser effects that captivate audiences.

Athletic Events

A couple of years ago, I was at a college football game. It was the first game I had attended in over 20 years. When the players made their grand entrance, I watched the field, noticing fog shooting up from the ground. It was such an epic entrance! I realized later that the team employed CO2 for the team’s entry onto the field.

And as I experienced, CO2 can be used for the grand entrance of players, cheering routines, and even special announcements.

Production or Special Effects Company

There are so many applications for CO2 in the entertainment industry; the options are infinite.

Benefits of CO2 in the Entertainment Industry

When used safely, the benefits of CO2 in the entertainment industry are endless.

CO2 is:

  • cost-effective
  • quick releasing for instant effect
  • odorless and tasteless
  • high-impact
  • extremely versatile
  • designed for repeated use in almost any scenario
  • customizable in many applications

In addition, you can often use CO2 and cryo effects in venues that do not allow particulate foggers, pyro, or confetti.

Where Can You Refill a 20lb C02 Tank?

While it’s not hard to purchase a 20lb pre-filled CO2 tank, it’s relatively challenging to find a place to refill it. Most businesses that supply tanks replenish the smaller ones, not the 20lb tanks.

If you want to refill your 20lb CO2 tank, try the following types of companies:

  • Welding Gas Supply Store
  • Dry ice suppliers
  • Brewing suppliers
  • Fire protection equipment suppliers
  • Food products suppliers

Co2 Tank Refill Price

One of the benefits of CO2 is that it is relatively inexpensive. For example, refilling a 20lb CO2 tank will likely cost you $30-$60.

For example, a brewery supply company in Texas fills CO2 tanks up to 20 pounds for $2.99/pound.

A paintball venue in Dallas charges $55.00 for a 20lb CO2 refill.

A simple Google search for “co2 tank refill near me” will show you that a tremendous number of businesses offer CO2 refilling. While this is true, there are few that refill 20LB tanks.

Challenges of Refilling CO2 Tanks

It’s not hard to find pre-filled 20lb CO2 tanks, but as mentioned above, Co2 tank refill is often challenging. Most of the places you’ll find locally will only fill smaller tanks, not 20lbs.

The larger companies that service 20lb CO2 tanks often require you to have a business, a gas account, a large deposit, and even a credit application on file. These things aren’t feasible for smaller DJs, bands, or individuals.

Also, companies that refill CO2 require that tanks be hydro-tested every five years. The date of this test is on the top of the cylinder. Therefore, the stamp on your tank must be up-to-date.

Why Use CryoFX For Your CO2 Needs

If you are trying to find the right special effects company for your CO2 needs, CryoFX is it.

CryoFX offers:

  • Visual manuals
  • CO2 tank rentals
  • Packaged Cryo Jet and CO2 gun systems
  • Plug & Play setups ready to use within minutes
  • Exemplary customer service
  • Shipping to all 50 states for rentals
  • Hydro tested rentals within 180 days of the rental date
  • Professional on-site management, operation, and facilitation of rental gear to all 50 states
  • Local pickup in Las Vegas, NV, and most major cities

In addition, CryoFX makes the process easy for individuals. They do not require a hefty deposit or a credit check to rent CO2 tanks. This makes it feasible for DJs, bands, and individuals to rent excellent CO2 equipment without the financial stress of a large deposit or credit check.

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