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Co2 Special Effects from CryoFX Are Safer and Cheaper Than Pyrotechnic Fireworks

Fireworks provide entertainment that is often showcased via brilliant aerial displays and a variety of vibrant sounds. However, certain safety hazards may result from pyrotechnic devices that are ignited with a live flame. The National Football League and other organizations might want to consider; the safety features of Co2 Special Effects Equipment versus a live […]

EDM Top 100 DJ Steve Aoki Uses CryoFX Special Effects Equipment at PAX Prime 2015

EDM Top 100 DJ Steve Aoki Uses CryoFX® Special Effects Equipment at PAX Prime 2015 NetEase launched its first game in the West at PAX Prime 2015. The Showbox SoDo was the ideal location to showcase its newest game, Speedy Ninja. Also, Electronic Dance Music DJ Steve Aoki headlined the event using Special Effects Equipment […]

CryoFX can custom build any CO2 Special Smoke Effect Equipment

CryoFX® can custom build CO2 Special Smoke Effect Equipment, even if it is a smoking Gorilla for your Stage event or concert or a smoking Dragon, Smoking Genie or Smoking Bag Pipes, CryoFX Cryogenic experts can custom build a unique Co2 Special Effect System just for you.   ‪#‎CryoFX‬ ‪#‎CO2Genie‬ ‪#‎CO2Dragon‬ ‪#‎CO2Gorilla‬ ‪#‎CO2bagpipes‬