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Steve Aoki in Seattle, Washington DJ Performance using CryoFX Steve Aoki famous Top 100 DJs in the world performing in Seattle Washington on August 28 2015 and uses cryofx co2 special effects Steve Aoki the top 100 DJ in the world uses CryoFX for his on stage performance special effects Steve Aoki uses CryoFX Co2 Cannon Stage Smoke FX Steve Aoki Top 100 Djs in the world uses Co2 Smoke SFX from CryoFX - Custom Co2 Smoke Product Manufacturer Co2 Stage Smoke Special Effect Equipment used by CryoFX Steve Aoki uses CryoFX Co2 Special Effect Plumes of Smoke on his Stage Steve Aoki uses CryoFX to create white plumes of smoke special effect during his on stage performance in seattle washington steve_aoki_watermarked11 steve_aoki_watermarked12 steve_aoki_watermarked13 steve_aoki_watermarked14 steve_aoki_watermarked15 Steve Aoki, Top 100 Djs in the world, Performs with CryoFX Co2 Custom Stage Equipment Jets steve_aoki_watermarked17

EDM Top 100 DJ Steve Aoki Uses CryoFX® Special Effects Equipment at PAX Prime 2015

NetEase launched its first game in the West at PAX Prime 2015. The Showbox SoDo was the ideal location to showcase its newest game, Speedy Ninja. Also, Electronic Dance Music DJ Steve Aoki headlined the event using Special Effects Equipment from CryoFX®.

About PAX

 In 2004, a small event was organized in Bellevue, Washington to form a show that appealed to gamers. Also, from around the world, fans travel to PAX to discover some of the latest ideas, tips and developments within the gaming community. However, since its founding, PAX has experienced a tremendous amount of growth. In addition, to accommodate the needs for a growing list of fans; PAX now has live events that are held each year in Washington and Boston.

About Speedy Ninja

While debuting in the West at PAX Prime, Speedy Ninja was introduced to thousands of gamers at the Showbox SoDo. The event was held on August 28, 2015 in Seattle, Washington. As a mobile game, users may download Speedy Ninja onto Android and iOS devices. Speedy Ninja is a fast-paced adventure game featuring colorful characters that are engages in some extremely competitive missions.

Furthermore, the NetEase developed Speedy Ninja. As a Chine-based gaming firm, NetEase has developed many popular web-based games. These include World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Heroes of the Storm.

DJ Steve Aoki Headlines the Launch of Speedy Ninja at PAX Prime 2015

EDM DJ extraordinaire, Steve Aoki delivered a stellar performance in front of the crowd at PAX Prime 2015. While there were many new games for fans to review, DJ Steve Aoki was selected by NetEase to energize the crowd for the official launch of Speedy Ninja in the West.

Armed with high-powered Co2 Guns from CryoFX®, Steve Aoki was prepared to make the event a blast for many fans who were able to attend the event for free. At the AEG-owned Showbox SoDo, DJ Steve Aoki provided a masterful performance in front of the crowd using six CryoFX® Co2 Jet DMX 512 Co2 Jets, four HollywoodSpecialFX™ Confetti Cannons, two CryoFX® Confetti Launcher Streamers Launchers and two CryoFX® Handheld Cryo Guns.

About Branded Special Effects Equipment From CryoFX®

Additionally, CryoFX® provides DJs and performers with its branded Special Effects Equipment. These include Co2 Jets, Handheld Cryo Guns; Confetti Launchers, Cryo Cannons, High-Pressure Co2 Hoses and other Co2 Supplies.

Also, whether shooting a motion picture, cooling the crowd or staging a grand entrance at a large-scale event; users can trust Special Effects Equipment from CryoFX® to impress viewers with high expectations.

Contact CryoFX® at (619) 855-2796 to obtain the Co2 Products that are used by DJ Steve Aoki; and some of the most popular entertainers in the world.

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