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What is a Cryo Gun? Cryo Guns Explained

What is a Cryo gun? Cryo guns and Cryo cannons shoot a blast of CO2 that makes a cloud of smoke. The most commonly used Cryo guns are for music festivals, DJs, nightclubs, bars, and concerts. The Cryo guns can help add a great surprise; at exactly a precise moment of a song or a […]

The best Doug Fleenor design products – Full Review!

Doug Fleenor Design, DMX512

Put On Great Light Shows with DMX512 and Doug Fleenor Design A secret force is behind all those incredible lights and effects we’ve seen in concerts, nightclubs, TV, movies, and more! The secret is DMX512, aka DMX. The Big Red Button often used to start a light show is probably a DMX device you have […]

Best T-Shirt Cannons: Full Review

Going to a sporting event is already a fantastic experience for anyone. A professional basketball game or concert can be a fork experience, bringing crowds together by the thousands and providing excitement. In recent years, sports organizations, event producers, and more have come up with increasingly creative ways to engage crowds during events. Giving people […]

What is a Co2 Tank Used For? Co2 Tank Uses (Co2 Cylinder Uses)

When most people think of carbon dioxide – often referred to in its shorter form CO2; they tend to conjure up images of global warming and emissions. But Co2 is much more than just waste gas. It has dozens of rich and vibrant applications in a wide range of industries. At CO2 Delivery, we supply […]