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When most people think of carbon dioxide – often referred to in its shorter form CO2; they tend to conjure up images of global warming and emissions. But Co2 is much more than just waste gas. It has dozens of rich and vibrant applications in a wide range of industries. At CO2 Delivery, we supply CO2 in a range of tanks to be used for all manner of applications. Hence, if you’re wondering what a CO2 tank is used for you’ve come to the right place! Our Co2 cylinder sizes and volumes are tailored to suit everything; from the drinks’ industry to special effects for films and television shows and can be used for both commercial and consumer purposes.

Read on, and we’ll take you through the core functions our Co2 tanks are used; for, demystifying this commonplace gas and how it transforms the way we live.

What is A Co2 Tank Used For? Some Diverse Examples

CO2 tanks come in a range of CO2 cylinder sizes and volumes; from a basic 5lb co2 tank all the way up to a large 50lb co2 tank, as well as a CO2 cylinder refill for those of you who already have a tank at hand. The size you’ll need will vary depending on what you want to use if for.  Let’s take a look at some of the many carbon dioxide tank uses in more detail.

The Beverage Industry and Home Brewing

We all enjoy a cool and refreshing fizzy drink on a hot summer’s day to help quench our thirst. CO2 is widely used in the beverage industry; to produce carbonated drinks and soda water, as well as for pressurizing a beer draft system. Indeed, many of our favorite drinks are produced with the use of CO2 tanks; whether on an industrial scale or as part of a home brewing enthusiast’s setup.

Some beverage start-ups are even using CO2 emissions to make vodka; with the Air Company using captured carbon dioxide to help revolutionize how alcohol is distilled; with backing from Toyota and JetBlue. Gregory Constantine, Co-founder and CEO of Air Company, explained how the company; “works with partners that capture that carbon dioxide before it’s emitted into the atmosphere, and then we use that CO2 in our process in creating the alcohols that we create.”

This innovative approach to brewing is currently very expensive. But, our 20lb co2 tanks are ideal for brewing beer and carbonating soft drinks the old-fashioned way. Thus, making them perfect for anyone looking into making their own drinks for the summer.

CO2 Tank for Special Effects

Many of the CO2 tanks we offer are used in a wide variety of entertainment venues and performances; from tours and events to theme parks, nightclubs, and bars. CO2 is used to simulate steam and smoke. Thus, creating an impressive atmosphere that enhances a DJ’s performance, sets the mood on a horror movie set. Also, it adds a touch of magic that elevates a good event to a great one.

CO2-based special effects aren’t just impressive to look at; they’re also completely safe. Hence, you can fill the dance floor with smoke and create high-impact effects in both large and small venues. Also, you can deliver the smoke through powerful jets. This will help give the impression of smoke shooting across a stage in impressive plumes. Thus, making them a great addition to the guest star’s grand entrance.

CO2 Tank for Welding

Working with CO2 for welding requires careful attention being paid to the CO2 cylinder pressure; in bar since the amount of time you’ll be able to weld is dependent on the gas flow rate. Some welders use 100% CO2 gas cylinders for metal inert gas (MIG) welding. Thus, delivering lower operational costs and deeper penetration.

We’re able to supply the correct CO2 gas tanks for all welding requirements; to make sure you’re using a tank that is both the correct size and flow rate. For professional welders, we also offer a CO2 cylinder refill option. Thus, you can reuse your co2 tank for welding as often as you need to.

In addition, we offer our CO2 gas tanks for order based on either volume or weight. Although, it should be noted that carbon dioxide welding gas tanks are rated by weight rather than by cylinder volume throughout the industry. Hence, this is something to be aware of when considering your options.

If you’re interested in calculating the potential welding time based on your gas tank and flow rate, here’s a handy formula you can use:

  • Gas welding time (in hours) = cylinder volume (cf) / flor rate (cfh).

With the welding market set to record robust growth in the coming years, investing in Co2 tanks designed for this function is a good way to go.

Marijuana Cultivation

One of the most basic facts about plant life is that is needs carbon dioxide to live and grow. Hence, it’s perhaps not surprising that CO2 tanks are increasingly popular among marijuana growers looking to increase their yield sizes.

Feeding plants with CO2 gas helps them to photosynthesize much faster. When growing the marijuana plants hydroponically in a greenhouse, the inclusion of CO2 can be a game-changer.

In addition to improving photosynthesis, CO2 can also improve two of the other major life processes of the plant: transpiration and respiration.

Other advantages you can expect to gain from using a CO2 gas tank to help with your cultivation include:

  • Faster development with optimized growth.
  • Better temperature support, with the plants less sensitive to heat when the range of CO2 in the surrounding atmosphere is between 1200 and 1500 parts per million.
  • A reduction in the overall smell of cannabis emanating from your grow, assisted by the use of carbon filters.
  • Additional security from the necessity to use the CO2 gas tank in a closed-off space, keeping your crops guarded against prying eyes.

Set up your CO2 tank with a gauge or pressure regulator and pair this with a timer, and it’s possible to double or even triple the yield when compared to a growth that lacks this process.

Call Us for Your CO2 Tanks

We offer the relevant CO2 tanks to suit a range of grow sizes, from private to commercial, and can also help you choose the best propane gas tanks for your burners. It’s an excellent method for closed cultivation spaces, with tried and tested results demonstrating how this vital gas can really improve your marijuana crops.

CO2 Tank for Aquariums

Just as marijuana plants love carbon dioxide; so to do aquatic plants thrive when their environment is supplemented with additional carbon dioxide. We’re proud to offer a range of Co2 tanks; that are ideal for fish lovers to use in their aquariums to create the best possible experience.

Healthy plants and algae in your aquarium – whether this is a saltwater or freshwater aquarium – need CO2; with plants growing larger and stronger in freshwater aquariums, and coral likewise reaching their optimal condition in saltwater aquariums.

Using pressurized CO2 gas tanks to provide a steady supply of carbon dioxide helps to make sure this plant life is consistently fed at all times. Thus, making sure the fish who live among them are in the best environment for their survival.

There are a variety of CO2 kits available for aquariums, with compressed gas kits and reactors the two most commonly used types on the market. Both of these methods require a CO2 gas tank, ranging from high-pressure tanks to small disposable canisters, depending on the scale of the aquarium they are intended for.

A regulator is used to make sure the flow of CO2 is at the right level, so you can correctly adjust the pressure according to your aquarium’s water volume.

You can also visually calculate the correct flow rate through the use of a bubble counter, while a CO2 diffuser is used to inject the gas into the aquarium.


All these are excellent example of how diverse CO2 tanks can be used for a wide range of purposes, and the products and services we have to offer here at CO2 Delivery. Whether you’re looking for a CO2 tank to help with your home brewery or marijuana grow, or a professional welder who needs a new tank, contact us, and we’ll be able to help.

Co2 Cylinder Size Chart

Should you want to check different sizes, dimensions, co2 cylinder weight, and other details regarding co2 cylinder sizes, you can refer to this co2 tank size chart below.

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