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Can I Lay My CO2 Tanks On The Side Horizontally [CryoFX®]


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Can I Lay My Co2 Tanks On The Side Horizontally?

Laying your CO2 tanks on the side is determined by a couple of factors.  Actually, we do not recommend ever leaning tanks on the side or laying them down on the side. In the event that you are a trained professional, you’ve worked with CO2 tanks for many years, and you know exactly what you’re doing then and you take full responsibility for that. In this video, we will only be showing you examples and talking about examples we assume no liability for the information here.

Placing Your Co2 Tanks

Typically, CO2 tanks are always recommended to be upright and strapped to something. This is because if the Co2 tanks fall, they can turn into a missile. With that said, you can lay a Co2 tank down. If you lay it down, one or multiple tanks, you’re always going to want the liquid to be towards the side of the tank for whatever type of tank. Moreover, it is case in point you have an adductor tube or a siphon tube tank. You can check the other video on this page if you don’t know what that means.

Furthermore, CO2 tanks can be laid on the side. However, you must elevate the tank at the neck. This is to make sure that the liquid flows down to where that tube sucks it out. Think of a tube in a soda cup or sorry a straw in a soda cup. The same principle if the soda cups reverse like this, the straw is just going to be sucking air. The same concept in a CO2 tank placed horizontally. If it’s a regular tank, because they don’t have siphon tube tanks, you can get a regular tank and you can invert the bottom up. Thus, you can have the co2 flowing to the neck. Nonetheless, we do not recommend this. Under no circumstances should you ever do this unless you exactly know what you’re doing, and you’ve done it before.

Final Thoughts – Take Precaution

At no time should you ever take a larger tank and turn it completely upside down.  Also, never leave your CO2 tanks standing on the neck or tape them to a railing. I’ve seen this at shows before and I cringed. I was a patron at the show. I felt that it was my duty to go up and scold whoever was at the show for doing that. Now, I’m going to say that on this video, because hopefully there’s a little bit of shock value there.

Lastly, it’s extremely important that you understand the dangers of these co2 tanks. Don’t mess with them. Treat them as if they were a high pressure explosive. In fact, that could be what they are if the neck comes off of it. That should answer your question – Can I lean my tank on the side or tip my tank over? Thanks for watching this informative video. CryoFX.