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Can I Place The Co2 Nozzle Far Away From Output Or Split The Co2 Output After The Co2 Cannon CryoFX®


Can I Place The CO2 Nozzle Far Away From Output or Can I Split into Multiple Nozzles After a CO2 Valve?

The quick answer is no! You cannot place the CO2 nozzle far away from the output. The reason is that your valve – the open and closed section – needs to be as close to the CO2 nozzle as possible. This is because when that valve is closed, whether manual or electronic, the pressure is from that valve back to the CO2 tank and it’s under pressure. Also, the CO2 is under pressure. The moment that valve opens; regardless of what type of valve it is, the CO2 sprays out and the conversion happens into a gas. That’s where you get the coal. That’s where you get the smoke or the plume.

What happens when you have the valve and then you put a hose on the other end of it to some CO2 nozzles that are downstream or you split it into multiple nozzles? Well, what we found after doing this is; if you have up to one inch after that valve you will be safe. However, we don’t recommend that you can change the way the CO2 nozzle is after the valve. But, when you get past one inch or when you work on 90 degree turns or anything like that, the problem is this you’re going to get chunks of co2.

What Happens When You Split the Valve into Multiple CO2 Nozzle?

Think of this when you are designing your system or doing whatever you’re doing. You have your valve when that co2 sprays out of the valve. If there’s anything in that system or that fitting or that hose. It would give any type of pressure increase or reduction or back kick from the co2 going in it. You’re going to get what’s called dry ice. It’s going to flash. It’s going to jack itself around in there. Then, you’re going to get chunks of dry ice either build up inside that section or coming out the other end of your CO2 nozzle.

Final Thoughts

In very simple terms, you cannot take a valve and split it into multiple CO2 nozzles downstream. When you have like a foot or two feet or 10 feet of hose, you can take a valve and split it in the two streams or three streams right from the valve. You can have a fitting or multiple fittings that does that and does the split. Outside of that, you cannot split the valid into multiple CO2 nozzle. Hence, this should answer the question  – Can I have hoses after my valve or split it downstream or have nozzles after my valve that are away from the valve?

What’s more, I want to make sure that that’s clear. Because yes, you have a valve; you can have one two or three nozzles coming right off the valve. That’s what happens all the time. The second you start putting any length of hose or fittings in between those nozzles and that valve. The CO2 nozzles being that the complete output where the smoke or plume comes out, then you’re going to have problems. You’re going to start seeing chunks of dry ice. This is CryoFX, Thanks for reading.