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Can I Use Any Hose For My Co2 Cannon, Co2 Jets, Co2 Special Effects System / Nitrogen System [CryoFX®]


Can I Use Any Hose for My CO2 Cannon System or Nitrogen Project?

The answer in short is – Absolutely Not! You cannot use any type of hose for your CO2 cannon, CO2 jets, or nitrogen projects. On this page, we’ve talked about other problems with hoses and CO2 cannon. They are designed specifically for the medium temperature and pressure. Hence, if you do not get the right one, you could have serious problems. Also, you could seriously injure yourself. That would be a very very bad thing. Death, serious injury, or incapacitation could happen. I’m not joking when I say this. There’s no smile on my face. I have to be serious. Like I said, you cannot use them for your CO2 cannon, CO2 jets, or nitrogen systems.

There are Special Hoses for CO2 Cannon and Other Systems

Fortunately, there’s a special hose that’s designed for co2 cannon. There’s another special one that’s designed for nitrogen. However, just because the pressure is higher does not mean a co2 hose that carries cryogens is what they call it, which co2 is technically not a cryogen. You can’t use it for liquid nitrogen. This is because even though nitrogen has a lower pressure, it’s at a lower temperature. Therefore, it would freeze and eventually crack the hose. Then, you would have a problem. That’s just an example. Therefore, to be on the safer side, you need to use the right hose for your CO2 Cannon, CO2 jets, or nitrogen system.

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