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Hey, what’s up guys! Welcome to CryoFX YouTube channel. Today’s video is on Co2 cannon rental or Co2 jet rental. Regardless of what you’re searching for, those terms are interchangeable. They could mean the same thing. Hence, in this video, we’re going to talk about the couple of different items that are for rent.

Whether it’s a Co2 jet for rent, Co2 cannon for rent, regardless of what it is, not a co2 cannon for sale though we do have those for sale. You can check the link in the description. Shameless plug? I know. But for this video, we’re going to talk about the couple of different items that are for rent. Also, what you need to do prior to opting for Co2 cannon rental or Co2 jet rentals. This is with our company CryoFX provide Co2 cannon rental nationwide. On occasion, we do these Co2 cannon rental or Co2 jet rental in Canada and Mexico. You can inquire at the link below.

What to Considering When Looking for Co2 Cannon Rental or Co2 Jet Rental?

Now, when you’re looking for a Co2 cannon rental or a co2 jet rental you got to consider a couple of things. These include:

  • What are the dates that you’re going to be renting?
  • How many days are you going to be renting?
  • What equipment are you going to be renting? Certain equipment have expendables or consumables as what they’re called.
  • How many of those equipment are you going to need?
  • With a Co2 cannon or a Co2 jet how much co2 are you going to need?
  • Are you going to be getting the Co2 or do you want us to handle the co2 as well?

Those are a couple of things that you have to take into consideration.

Typically, one of these Co2 tanks lasts about 60 to 80 seconds give or take. You need to know how many you’re going to need. Also, how many seconds of co2 you’re going to need. You may need spark machines.

Spark Machines

We do rent spark machines at CryoFX as well. Here’s one of the spark machines. These spark machines actually have consumables that are granules:

  • Four minutes for the smaller machines
  • 12-minute packets for the larger machines

How many do you need? Case in point, I’ve driven that home. We can move forward.

Other things to Consider When Renting Co2 Cannon

Some other things that you need to consider include:

  • Where are you going to be renting this equipment?
  • At and where is it going to be delivered?

We have options in certain areas to ship same day. Yes, you can inquire with us and I will tell you how to do that. I’m not going to put that in that video because that gives us the competitive advantage against our competitors. Only certain areas though. We can do ship to a lot of major cities.

How Many Shipping Days for Co2 Cannon Rental?

With that said, normally when you’re renting something like this, the transportation days are not included in the Co2 cannon rental. That’s how we structure our rentals. Other companies may include those. We do not include those in the Co2 cannon rental.

Hence, when the rental gets to you, the time clock starts. Then when you return it back to wherever you’re returning it to; whether you’re mailing it back whether you’re dropping off a specific facility, that is when the clock stops. That is considered your rental period.

Therefore, we need to know how long you need the rental for. Typically on weekends, it’s a weekend rate. We account for that and I say that slowly because other companies will not. Now, shipping is in most aspects seven days a week except for major holidays

Thus, if you return the product in that rental period time frame, you’re not going to get charged any extra amount. I’m going a little bit into the weeds here. But, I just want to make sure I explain this on this video.

What Other Items Do You Need with Co2 Cannon Rental?

The other more important aspect here other than consumables and of course the equipment is what other items do you need with your Co2 cannon rental package. Hence, when you’re doing a Co2 cannon rental or Co2 jet rental, do you need the DMX board? Okay, Chaveo B40 is what we normally use. A Chaveo B3 we normally use those as well.

Do you need a DMX board with your rental? Does your Co2 jet have DMX settings that you will need a DMX board to run? This is one of the jets that we do rent. This is a co2 cannon plus jet. It has DMX settings. But, it also has power on and off. If you don’t want a DMX board, and you don’t want a DMX board and cable package which we offer, then you can just run that with a power strip.

However, you don’t have to get that from us. You just get the power cord and the jet from us and you can handle the rest. So, those are some things that you want to take into consideration as well of course how many products you want.

These are all things that you would think that somebody would know but we do get asked these questions a lot. Hence, in order for us to give you a price on your Co2 cannon rental, these are items that we need to know.

Other things to Consider with Co2 Cannon Rental Prices

Other things that you will need to take into consideration is – a major holiday such as July 4th, New Year’s holiday. Those are major holidays. Right off the bat Co2 cannon rental prices. There’s going to be a supply and demand. There’s a lot more demand than there is supply so the rental prices are probably going to be a little bit higher. Can I guarantee that or cannot promise that, but on occasion, that may be the case.

Another thing to consider is this a three-day weekend. If you have Monday as a holiday taking into consideration that there is absolutely no shipping on Monday, that may be factored into the price on three day weekends. Certain Presidents Days and other days like that on all the holidays.

I’m not a genius in that aspect. I just know the products and the rentals. So, those are things that you want to take into consideration.


Also the hoses! I don’t have a hose for this video. But, the hoses that go with the co2 jets:

  • What length of hose do you need?
  • What fittings do you need on the hose?

If you can come to us with all of these pieces of information, rental dates, equipment, what accessories do you need, how long is your rental period, the consumables. I’ve named a lot of these which I’ve talked about all these on the video.

How many tanks? How many granules? If you’re doing spark machines, all of this. If you could come to us with all of that, then we can give you a price. We’ll more or less beat a lot of other competitor’s prices. But, we have to know what we’re working with before we can offer a price.

Hence, when you’re inquiring about a co2 cannon rental or co2 jet rental because you’re a DJ and you have some co2 DJ effects that you want or just simple co2 special effects that you have to take into consideration.

Do You Need Permits with Co2 Special Effects

Normally, you don’t need permits when you’re doing Co2 special effects. However, when you’re doing spark machines, you do need permits. That is a whole other category. That’s a whole other video. We could talk about that at that time.

Is there a Deposit for Co2 Cannon Rental?

Now other than that, there will be a deposit for your Co2 cannon rental. So, expect that.

Do I Have To Complete Any Forms?

Last but not least, there are some forms that will need to be filled out. We’ll have a link in the description that talks about the forms. It takes you to a specific page where we have a video that explains just that. But, those forms are more or less to protect us and to protect you.

The forms are contractual agreement between you and us, and of course to set everything in stone. This will ensure that everything’s laid out and there is no uh wishy-washy or misunderstandings.

Final Thoughts – Co2 Cannon Rental

So, that’s it for this video. This covered co2 cannon rental co2 jet rentals we do rent these nationwide we do rent these for all events whether it’s a wedding whether it’s a corporate party if you just want the equipment rental that’s something that we do. If you want an entire production confetti machines and all sorts of things and on-site staff to run the event that’s something that we do.

I’m just throwing that out there because some people have questions regarding all of these aspects. If you have more questions put that in the comment section below. We’ll definitely reply, Use the links in the description below to contact us if you have any further questions specific questions or any feedback.  Of course, smash that like button and subscribe button. Share the video if you think that somebody would find a benefit from watching this video. That’s what these videos are made for.

I’m Chris, and this is CryoFX. This video was on Co2 cannon rental and co2 jet rental. Of course, there’re links in the description if you want a co2 cannon for sale we do have those again. Shameless plug, Co2 DJ effects is what we’re covering here. We have spark machines and other videos on spark machine, indoor fireworks, and indoor pyrotechnics, whatever you call those. That’s a whole other video. I’m Chris, and this is CryoFX. Thanks for watching/reading.