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Cold Spark Machine Instructions [CryoFX® Cold Fireworks]

Instructions for Using the Cold Spark Machine

What’s up guys, It’s CryoFx here, and we’re going to talk today about cold spark machine instructions. In general, we are going to cover how a spark machine works and how you use it. We discuss the instructions that are involved with it, just in case you’re a complete beginner, and you don’t know how.

We will discuss the various items related to cold spark machine and how to hook the spark machine up. Most machines work the same ways, so you can kind of adapt and use the same techniques that I’m going to explain.

Cold Spark Machine Wireless Receiver

This goes onto the machine. Some of them have external receivers, some of them don’t have them. Sparkler machines do not have wireless receivers because they’re built into the machine themselves, so you won’t have an external one. You will already have it in the machine, and it will have a different wireless remote. This remote activates the machine.

DMX cable

Your DMX cable is also an important tool for connection.


You also have your cards. We have a video on our website that talks about the cards and how the cards relate to the spark machine. Here is a quick recap. The card puts the time on the machine or activates the machine for the period of time required. The way the manufacturers design these machines, typically a pack of granules lasts 12 to 15 minutes.

The card is not going to put 12 to 15 minutes on the machine. It has to put one amount of time on the machine, so the card puts 15 minutes on the machine. If the granules are used up in 12 minutes, 12 taken away from 15 is three. You will have three minutes buildup 3, 6, 9, 12 after four times you have an entire pack of granules of time left on the machine.

Not the granules in the machine, but the time. This means that you can actually get another pack of granules from CryoFx, put that in your machine and still use the time that’s on the machine. The DMX controller is also vital. Just make sure the manual button is on while using it.

Power Cord

This connects your machine to the power source. You’ll want to take your power cord and plug the power cord into the machine before turning the machine on. It is important to determine how you’re going to be using the machine. Are you going to be using it with a wireless remote or are you going to be using it with a manual remote?

General Instructions on the Use of Cold Spark Machines

Starting up the machine

When you plug in the power cord and turn the machine on, get your granules into the machine. Be sure to protect them from humidity in order to preserve them. Once you put the granules in, you’ll go ahead and put the cap back on the machine and let it heat up a little bit.

If there is no time on your machine, put in the card right where the RFID reader is. The ‘ready’ light on this manual controller will illuminate when the machine is ready. The same thing would happen on the wireless remote, except that you will have a red heating light, and then you have a green ‘ready’ light. This would indicate ‘ready’ when the machine is ready. Allow the machine to heat up. What is happening inside is that the heating element is warming up to the right temperature.

This is necessary in order to actually get the sparks or the granules to the temperature that they need to be to glow. When they glow, they come out. That’s what makes the spark what it is. Think of a metal grinder that’s grinding metal. It has the same concept as those sparks that come off in the grinders.

Emptying the Granules

You want to make sure you empty the granules out. Tip the machine over to empty the granules out and also hook the machine back up. Then you can spray the granules back out of the machine to clear not only this funnel out, but also to clear the heating element out. You want to do that because those granules don’t need to sit inside. If they sit inside, they’re going to leave residue in there, you will have a clogged up machine.

It will be problematic and negatively affect the corkscrews in the long run. Make sure you empty the granules out and don’t have humidity around them.

Turning Off and Putting Away the Machine

When you are done with my event, and you want to put the machine away, the wrong way to do this is to just turn it off and put it away. You might be in a rush, but you’re going to regret this later on because you will have problems with the things I talked about over here.

The right way is to turn the machine off, unplug it both ways, turn it upside down, and empty your granules into a bin. Shake the machine around to make sure all those granules are out. It’s okay to put your finger in there. You can put your finger in and feel the corkscrew in there.

Then you can go ahead and put the cap back on. Ensure that you have little or no sparks from the machine. That sets the machine up for properly storing it for the next time. Turn the machine off, disconnect the cables and power cord, wrap everything up, let the machine cool off. Don’t put this right into a flight case the outsides are cool. However, you need the machine to cool off appropriately. After this, you can put it away, and you’re able to use it for next time.

The Cold Spark Machine’s Internal Parts

It is always good to know the inner workings of your machine. Typically, there is a reservoir where the granules go. These come down to a funnel. There’s a corkscrew which pushes the granules over to a smaller metal funnel. Those granules go down into yet another larger corkscrew.

The heating element which is contained here heats up the blower and blows the air up into the chamber. This causes the granules to come out, and they get blown up while they’re red-hot.

Safety Tips for Operating the Cold Spark Machine

Avoid holding or grabbing the granules at this point, or you will get burnt. However, the granules will merely reflect off your hands if you just put your hands over them.

Moreover, do not blow these in the fabric. Do not blow them into anything with hair spray or aerosol or anything of the sort. It will catch fire, and I’ll be the first to tell you that we’ve done a series of controlled tests on this.

Always ensure that you’re safe instead of, sorry. If you make any mistakes, you’re going to run into problems. These might involve burning somebody’s house down or a venue. This is not something you want to do, I guarantee your insurance policy doesn’t cover the whole venue. Just avoid all the risks. Thanks for reading this article, This is CryoFx.