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Cold Spark Machine Manual – All You Need To Know

Hey, what’s up guys! Welcome to CryoFx YouTube channel. This is our warehouse series and today’s article is on cold spark machine manual or cold spark manual.

Cold Spark Manual; Meaning and Types

Now, as we like to explain in most of our articles, there are two different types of manuals. You have your manual function on the spark machine itself, and you also have what seems like a cold spark machine manual.

The manual is a set of instructions on how to handle your machine, so I want to cover both of those manual types here. This is because regardless of what you’re searching for, we want to make sure that you get the right information.

You need to have one place to get that information from without searching the internet far and wide. Jumping right in, what we’ll do is we’ll explain the cold spark machine manual button first. After this, I’m going to explain where you can get a cold spark machine manual or manuals. We have other articles and videos on the topic, but don’t jump ahead of yourself because you’ll always learn some good stuff on this website. And of course if you like the article, feel free to recommend it to your friends and co-workers.

How to Clean the Cold Spark Machine

Let us take a brief look at how to clean the cold spark machine or the cold spark machine cleaning process. We wrote an article the other day, we went super in depth on this topic of how to clean the insides of coal spark machine cases.

So, this article is not going to be too long, I just covered a couple of other articles on our website if you want to take a look there. Now, like I said, we’ll start with the manual feature on the cold spark machines themselves. And then we will cover where you can get the cold spark machine manual and just briefly describe what that is. This is because the manual is self-explanatory, we don’t have to explain that here.

Managing Various Machine Types

Now, these are chauvin cold spark machine falls or chauvin’s sparkler fall machines. The features on these are roughly the same as the regular chauvin spark machines. There are other machines on the market. These include the pro blitz pro x blitz, ice spark effects, spark tacular, phoenix spark machine or any other type.

Whether any of those that are minis or regular size or falls or some of the other ones that you’ll get from overseas. I don’t recommend the latter because dealing with them is a nightmare. I hope to treat this in another episode. However, they all or at least, most of them should all have a manual function. That manual function is going to be as follows.

Looking at the control panel, you can see at least on the chauvin sparkler fall. This indicates to you how the panel looks without DMX connected and without anything else connected. And the chauvin sparkler minis and regular size will do similar, of course. There’s the fall mini and also the fall regular. There are a lot of them, but at least this is what it will look like on the panel.

How to Operate the Cold Spark Machine

Now, take these techniques and apply them to whatever machines that you have. What I mean by that is you can actually cycle through and set DMX address wireless remote on or off.

If it’s off, then you get the fan manual fountain and the manual fountain. First, you need to switch on and actually activate the machine. Then you can go on and set the fountain height. Now, while some of these machines have fountain height, some of them don’t. Most of the machines on the market do have manual activation locally to the machine.

If you’re looking for coal spark machine manual features, the manual features are on the machine itself. That would actually be different than the cold spark machine manual.  We just covered the manual function on the cold spark machines themselves. As we said, you can actually activate the machines locally to the machine without the use of any wireless remotes or DMX or anything of the sort.

Cold Spark Machine Manual

Now, let’s talk about a cold spark machine manual. What is the manual, and why do you need it?  As the military says, RTFM. Read the manual. I’ll let you fill in the blank as we keep it PG on this website here. I know that that production talk can get away from us, but we don’t know who’s watching.

With that said, you must read the manual. If I can give you any piece of advice, I would tell you that the manual is probably the most important thing.

The Importance of Following the Manual

We receive tips from our clients if you will and that we give on this channel. Such tips involve, more importantly, the cleaning process and the safe keeping of the machines, the safety measures and lots more. Our educational materials have great pieces of information, and that’s something that you need to be aware of. This is because, whether the manual tells you or not.

It’s good to know the manuals themselves. Read the manual, please. These are very complex machines inside with their moving parts and I want to make sure that you get the most use out of your machine. The durability of the machine, that is the longevity of it, stays there when it is properly maintained. The reliability of the machine decreases if you do not clean it properly.

You Need to Read the Cold Spark Machine Manual

If you don’t read the manual, if you don’t follow certain instructions, you’re going to have a problem. There are many other articles and videos on our website which explain this. There are many manual machines out there, I should say.

Most importantly, the manuals will show you each company and how they want you to use their machines. All machines function pretty much the same regardless of use. Whether you’re cleaning them, using them, setting them up or taking them down, all of those procedures are relatively the same across the board.

You should follow those instructions. Do not deviate from that. This is because clearing out the chambers and cleaning out the machine by spraying it and activating it are all things that keeps the machine safe. Those are good to do, and you want to make sure you do that because you want your machine to work consistently without a problem.

Areas Covered By Cold Spark Machine Manual

Being on an event and having an issue with these, that’s a problem that you don’t want to ever encounter. The manual itself is going to cover the basics of the machine. These include what the different displays are, what the different buttons do, what the different channels are, the DMX channels of these machines. Different machines have different channels. For instance, in some particular machines such as the chauvin sparkler falls and the chauvin sparkler minis, the shoving sparkler regulars all have two channels.

One channel activates the heater, the other channel activates the machine itself. Well, the manual will tell you how to set the program in the machine to where you control the heater, and you control the sparks that come out of that machine.

Machine Heating

Or you set it differently where the machine automatically heats. When you use sparkler falls, you have automatic heating. All you have to do is go to the board and activate one of the channels that would display activation on the machine. This would activate it, and you would see sparks shoot out.  You can either have full control of it or you can automate some of those processes. I described that in other articles but that just kind of gives you some insight on what you need to be aware of.

Cards and Error Codes

Some of these machines will throw error codes, probably an E8. If you see an E8 code, that means that you have to activate the machine again with one of the cards.

When you activate the machine with the card, it adds more time to it, and then you’re good to go. Other machines will throw other error codes. Those error codes are relevant to that particular machine, and you need to read the manual. That’s why a whole spark machine manual is important to read.

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