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Cold Spark Machine Powder – Cold Spark Machine Granules (CryoFX®)

All You Need to Know About Cold Spark Machine Powder & Granules

Hey, what’s up, guys. Welcome to CryoFx’s website. Today’s article is on cold spark machine powder, not cold spark powder. Cold spark machine powder, otherwise known as cold spark granules or cold spark machine granules.

Enough with the keywords already, let’s get into the subject topic. You guys want to know what’s up with this cold spark powder. Well, a couple of things that you need to be aware of is that different machines are going to take different types of powder. Getting right into the cold spark machine powder, you have a couple of different options.

The Various Granule Sizes Available

What we’re going to be doing is looking at the different types of granules.  These cold spark machine granules or cold spark machine powder has different sizes you might not see it with the naked eye, but the different sizes actually do make a difference.

There’s normally three types of sizes. You have very small, you have small, and then you have regular size. Looking at the package of the cold spark machine powder, you can see the size of the granules contained inside noted.

How Granules Work in Cold Spark Machines

You’re not going to notice the size but how this basically works is this. The different size granules when they’re put in the machine, the machine heats them up and then the machine blows it out the top. What ends up happening is those are heated up to a certain temperature and as they blow out, they’re basically lit. They’re not ignited, but let’s just say it is like when you’re grinding a piece of metal.

That piece of metal gets hot, it glows. They glow for a certain period of time. The larger the granules, the more they’re going to glow. Therefore, the smaller the granules, the less they’re going to glow. What that means is when you have smaller granules or medium-sized granules, you’re going to get a medium output. This is because they’re only glowing a certain amount after the machine spits it out.

Subsequently, they burn out, and they stop glowing. The larger ones are going to glow longer; therefore you get a higher stream of sparks. This said, let us examine what these granules are actually all about. Some of you may have sparkler machines, others may have sparktacular phoenix. There might be a couple of other brands out there.  However, for the sake of this article, let’s just look into these.

What Do The Cards Do?

The cards put the time on the machine. This means that they actually activate the machine for a period of time. The granules are what the machine heats up and spits out. If you didn’t have the mechanism of these time regulation on the machine, then you would just be able to keep putting granules in and keep spraying these granules out. However, the manufacturers want you to come back to them.

They want to make sure that you use the right type of granules in there. This is because these granules can be made up of different composites, as will be explained in another article on this site. The manufacturers want to make sure that they regulate the granules and that you don’t just go buy them for somewhere else.

How Long Do Cards Last?

The machine typically will burn through a pack in 12 to 15 minutes. This means that a card when scanned on the machine will put 12 or 15 minutes on the machine. Now, these will burn out after 12 to 15 minutes. This clearly means that there’s going to be a lag time. If the card puts 15 minutes on the machine and this burns out after 14 minutes or vice versa, the card puts 15 minutes on the machine this burns out after 12.

You’re not always going to have these match up. To explain this further, after you scan three or four cards, you’re probably going to have extra granules, or you might have extra time on the machine. Therefore, you can get other packs of granules from CryoFx for your machine. We stock all different brands of these machines. You can just use that pack of granules without a card in the machine to equal out the amount of time that’s on the machine.

More on Cards and Cold Spark Machine Powder

This is information that you need to know with the different machines available. Various machines take different cards. There are some playing cards, there are also the sparkler black cards. Then you have the sparkler white cards. There are a lot of different cards that go to different machines, and you have to make sure that the machine and the card match up. You can’t just get any card because the manufacturer has different RFID patterns and codes on that. “Patterns” is the layman’s term, “codes” is the more official term.

Smaller machines sparkler minis take the mini packs. These mini packs are actually going to be three to four minutes. This means that the card is going to put three to four minutes on the machine. This is not a sparkler machine, this is an ice spark effects machine or pro gear effects is one of the other ones. However, these will match up with just that sparkler mini machine.

You can’t use these with a regular sparkler machine. You have to notice that now granules like this will work with ice spark effects mini pro gear effects, mini or pro gear mini. Furthermore, some of the phoenix and the ice spark effects, things like that. Now, regular spark machines take these white cards, and they take larger packs of granules.

However, they may or may not say sparkler on the pack of granules themselves. You have to be aware that the granules must be treated accordingly.

Machine Maintenance

Remember to properly clean out the machine after use. This is because what often happens is when people bring these back, or they have a complaint, either they leave the granules in the machine and the granules get packed down.

To understand this, think of sand. If sand gets packed down, it won’t go in the funnel easily. We have another article that talks about how a spark machine works. This article’s not about that. If you want additional information on some of these other articles that we have, you can browse through our website.

Storing Granules

You have to make sure that after you use the machine, you open it, dump the granules out into a case or a bowl. Then you can put it back into a bag.

We store extra granules here. The bag is sealed, and we take all the air out. We try to keep the granules separate because if you don’t do that these are going to get humidity in them, they’re going to get wet. When this happens, they can clog your machine.

Why You Should Follow the Proper Routines With Your Machine

If you don’t follow these procedures, you’re going to get a clogged machine. Also, you need to empty the granules out. If you leave them in the machine, you’re going to get a clogged machine. Likewise, if you move the machine around with granules in it, you’re probably going to get a clog machine too. This is because they’re going to compact down. We have other instructional articles that talk about how to clean a cold spark machine. In them, we explain the cleaning process for a cold spark machine.

However, I just wanted to give you an overview on these items here. Cold spark machine granules, cold spark machine powder is what people call it because you do have to be aware of this. In appearance, this powder looks very much like sand. Again, be sure to avoid getting any moisture on it or any other issues.

Some cards are “one-time use”, so unfortunately, once you scan this card against the machine you can’t use it again. The card is basically useless and has to be thrown away.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or leave a comment on a video on our YouTube channel and let us know what your thoughts are. For any additional questions, we’ll be sure to answer those. This is Cryo FX and this article is on cold spark machine powder, otherwise known as cold spark machine granules. The latter is, of course, the official term. Thanks for reading.