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Cold Spark Machine Price (CryoFX® Explains In Detail)

Cold Spark Machine Price that is Affordable

Hey guys. CryoFX here. In today’s article, we’re going to be talking about cold spark machine price. Of course, you want to know the price before you buy something. Hence, why not bring an article here that shows you what the price is? This is important because there are a lot of questions that arise when you ask about prices.

Now, this is CryoFX, so yes everything we talk about will be related back to CryoFX. We are going to address a bunch of the questions in this article that you may have regarding cold spark machines. This is regardless of whether they’re cold spark machines for weddings or other occasions. Whatever the case is, we’re going to address it right here in this article.

Factors Affecting Price of Cold Spark Machines

First and foremost, the cold spark machine price is going to depend on a couple of different factors. For one, the type of machine, the machine brand, model, make and where you get it from.

If you want to know pull spark machine price whether it’s here in the United States or cold spark machine price in India which is a search query that comes up sometimes, we are here to help you. On our video with this link you can find a full list of the prices of different spark machines and some information that you’re going to want to know as well.

The Relationship between Cost and Results

This cold spark machine price equals quality. Quality, in turn, equals performance. Being a user of spark machines at events, let me be the first to say this. We present a number of different options of spark machines. Do not go cheap on this price and do not go cheap on this quality. I tell you that because the last thing that you want is one of your customers coming back and complaining about the spark machine not working.

Neither do you want customers coming back and complaining that the spark machine was clogged. There are so many things that can go wrong and yes, unfortunately with many things in this world but very specifically with these spark machines. The quality of the machine is directly reflected on the cold spark machine price for the most part.

There are reports about people that have bought very horrible machines. They bought them straight from China, or they’ve gotten low-quality machines. These machines usually get clogged parts, broken parts and dismantled screws coming off inside. Some also overheat or even fail to turn on and so on.

We see this because we repair these, so I want to bring this to you and tell you this information in advance. This will help you make an educated decision when you’re purchasing these. Based off of a professional opinion on what I see with my company and in the market because we’ve gotten all the machines. I know where they all come from, and I know all about them, both inside and outside. We have other articles and videos on the website. You can check out some of these materials.

How Much Do We Charge at CryoFX?

To find out what our cold spark machine price are, what you’re going to want to do is to go up to the top right of our website and go to the search box and just type in spark or spark machine. You can type in “spark” and hit “enter”.

The next page that loads has all of the products that we offer based on spark machines. This is because that search query is for spark machines. At this point, you can see if you scroll down the page some of these machines.

A single machine from $7.99 ice spark effects all the way up to packages, we have $11.89 for a cold spark machine price for the Chauvin unit. This is for the mini. The larger the unit, a little bit more now as you can see here also on the page the packages we have. Some packages for $16.99 or $16.99 all the way up to $27.99 depending on whether it’s ice spark effects or it’s Chauvin.

On Brands and Models

Ice park effects has three different models. We have an M1 and M2 and an M3 and actually an M4 as well. We’ve discontinued the M1. The M1 can be seen on our website and this M1 is the same exact unit as the Phoenix units that you’ve seen in the market.

So, the Phoenix cold spark machine and also the M2, the M3, the M4 are the same as the pro Blitz spark machines. We’ve worked on all of them, and we have all of them, so I’ve seen the nuances that come with them. I can definitely say that Chauvin spark machines have the least number of problems. They’re the most reliable and those are probably the ones that you would want to go with. However, if you’re on a budget, and you do want to save some money, the ice spark effects are definitely the way to go.

Now, you probably ask what makes the ice spark effects different from pro blitz or what makes the ice spark effects different from the Phoenix. Well, yes they’ve come from the same suppliers, but what we’ve done is we’ve requested changes, or we make modifications in our shop. These changes make these units run more efficiently, perform better, or prevent issues before the problems even happen.

How Can I Ensure That I Get A Durable Machine?

Again, everything has patterns and patterns are made known after a series of times. If there’s X amount of machines that have come back for a specific problem, well, then we’ve addressed that. We try to make sure that that problem is taken care of so that that problem most likely will not happen again, although it’s never guaranteed 100%. This is because this is a machine that has many moving parts inside it.

You can never guarantee anything 100% and that’s why there is a warranty with them. However, you want a spark machine that’s going to last for a longer period of time than what the warranty is. This is because the warranty is normally set when the machine is expected to start having issues.  I can’t speak for everybody or all manufacturers, but that’s generally the case. Chauvin units normally last longer. I’ll just be the first to say that so if you scroll down a little bit you want to know a couple of details about these machines.

How To Give Us Feedback

We have other videos and articles on our YouTube channel and on our website here. You can leave a comment in the comment section below. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, let me know what your questions are. I’ll address these questions either publicly on a video or in private.

We like addressing these in public. So, please do now let us know. You may be wondering, “well, I’ve seen these on other websites, why should I not just buy them from China”?

Should I Import Machines Or Buy Local?

We have a lot of clients that have imported machines, and again I’ll be the first to tell you that a lot of these clients come back, and we’re repairing their machines. They bought them from China, and they have problems with them in the first four, five or six months.

Then, we have to repair these and these clients are worried. Let me just paint this picture very quick. Let’s say you buy a series of spark machines, and you’re using them in a wedding. The last thing that you would want is one or more of these spark machines to go down, and you don’t have somebody in the United States that repairs them.

We do repair all spark machines, and normally, we stock products and parts to fix all these. However, there is no guarantee. Again, it’s based off a supply. It’s based off a type of machine. If some of these other competitors out, there are doing something to their machines, and we don’t stock those parts, then we can’t fix them.

However, we can do the best we can to help you, so contact us on the contact details available on our CryoFX website.  You’ll get in contact with us and ask why you should not get machines from overseas.

Why You Should Buy From CryoFX? – Affordable Cold Spark Machine Price

Let me paint this picture again if I haven’t already. You buy two machines, perhaps at a discount, one of those machines messes up. You’re going to send it back overseas, and it’s going to take 30 to 60 days turnaround just to get your machine back. CryoFX offers cold spark machine price at affordable rates. Contact us today to get an accurate quote. A wonderful experience awaits you!