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Cold Spark Machine Rental – Cold Spark Machine For Rent [CryoFX Rentals Info]

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Hey guys! Welcome to CryoFX Rentals video on Cold Spark Machine Rental and what you need to know before you rent a Cold Spark Machine.

So a couple of things, the cold spark machine rental will include generally just the machine and just the power cord. The other things we’re going to know; do you need a wireless controller for it, a wireless remote controller? We don’t advise on these because radio frequencies (RF) can interfere with the controller. Unfortunately, if the machine doesn’t work because of that, we won’t know it. But that’s not covered.

Wireless Remotes vs. DMX Cables

However, for our cold spark machine rental, we do offer wireless remotes for these that can run the machines without DMX cables, without a DMX controller. If you don’t want to use the wireless remote, we can offer a DMX cable and DMX controller package that’s a controller. The cables that you plug into each machine with the power cord are separate from the DMX cables. That will allow the machine to operate on a “hard-line controller”-is what we call it. So that is another option!

Run Time Needed To Calculate How Many Granule Packs

Now, more importantly, we need to know how much run time you’re going to need with each machine. The packets for the machines come in pre-packaged granule packs. The smaller machines-those packs cover about four minutes, depending on the brand and the type of machine. We’re not going to cover all of that here. Just when you give us the details, we will put this in a quote and make this known to you.

Cold Spark Machine Granules Packs

Generally, the smaller packs are four minutes per pack. The larger packs of granules, which are 200-gram packs are going to be 12 to 15 minutes. Typically, you can split that pack into multiple machines. However, where this gets dicey is when you’re splitting it. You may not put the right amount of granules in each machine.

So we highly advise you to just say look, I need this machine to work for four minutes of sparks. Okay, what we’ll do is we’ll tell you how many granules packs you’ll need for your rental. You can tell us look I need each machine to work for 12 minutes and I have four machines. I need four granule packs, a couple of different options there. I just want to make sure that you are aware of how this works so that you can advise us, or we can advise you on the right amount of packs.

The last thing that I would want is one of these packs to be split between four machines, and one machine got the least amount of that split, and that machine doesn’t work when you need it to work.

How To Avoid Machine Damage And Charges

Also, when you’re done using these machines, you must clear all the granules out. Dumping the granules out from the top and of course activating the machine to completely release all the granules. The release is probably the wrong word for that. But clearing the entire machine out, so that it’s blowing air and it’s not doing any sparks. That’s how the machines will get damaged if you leave the granules in there. I just want to cover that in this video as well.

Wireless Remotes for Cold Spark Machine Rental

Some other things to be aware of, if you’re going to be using a wireless remote, we cannot ship the wireless remote to you with a battery in it. We can’t ship lithium batteries. We can advise you on what type of battery goes in that remote. You’ll be able to pick up that battery at a Walmart or some other battery store. That’s a little bit more specific. Not to a 711 or a mobile gas station. They wouldn’t carry this type of battery, but a Walmart or other battery store would. So, we will advise you on the type of battery for the specific type of remote for those machines.

Types Of Cold Spark Machines

The other options for the machines that are available are; do you need your machine to be a vertical upward machine or a vertical down? Spark fall drops the sparks down. That’s a different machine than the vertical up where it sprays sparks upwards. Those are two different options. Please do let us know which option suits you best, and what you are requiring.

Cold Spark Mini vs Cold Spark Regular Differences

Now outside of that with the machines, the general gist of these machines! You have a small machine and a large machine. The smaller machines are generally an on and off function. Off is off and on is going to be six to 10 feet in spark height. That’s general like the highest spark. Generally, it falls somewhere in between there. These are better for indoors and outdoors. Just please be aware that if this ceiling is smaller or shorter than where the granules are hitting, you may get some black spots on the ceiling. Just want to advise you on this.

Now outside of that, the larger machines can do multi-depth if you will, or multi-height where the DMX controller will allow you when the slider goes up the machine gets higher. You do have a depth control or a height control on that. Height is probably the more relevant term here.

Wireless Controller Controls L-M-H

The smaller machines don’t have that. The smaller machine is on, and off. Larger machines-you have multi different heights available. If you have a DMX controller, if you have a wireless controller, Low Medium High, you get the point outside of that. That’s the general gist for the machines.

Limits Available To One Circuit

Some things to take into consideration are normally you can only do two to three machines on one circuit, not one outlet. Please make a note of this because we get these questions a lot. We get people to come back and say the circuit blew. It didn’t work.

If the hypothetical situation, when you’re in a room, and you’re using these machines if you have one wall. Typically, one wall is going to be one circuit breaker. Just because you have two or three machines plugged into one outlet over on the left side of the wall, and three or four machines plugged in on another outlet on the same wall, but on the other side those are the same circuit breaker. So we want to make sure that you understand this because you need separate circuit breakers.

The Power That Each Machine Draws

These machines have heating elements inside. These machines draw a lot of Amps. Therefore your Amp draws on each machine are going to be anywhere from 5 to 8 amps per machine. As you can be aware, if it’s a 20 Amp breaker, 5, 10, 15, 8, and 8 to 16, you get the point two to three machines per circuit is where you’re going to be safe.

Don’t Use GFI/GCFI Outlet

Most importantly, do not use a GFI or GFCI, GCFI, whatever the terminology is. What this is, is one of those outlets that have the reset switch on it. Just don’t use those because they seem to trip with these machines.

Power Size Cord

Make sure you use the right size power cord for these. If you have a super small power cord like this small, your machine has a lot larger power cord probably something like this. If you’re trying to use a cord like this but your machine takes something like this, we would not recommend that. Make sure that you use a larger gauge than what the machine power cord comes with. Just simply look at the machine power cord and use a larger gauge for any extension cord. That’ll make sure that you’re safe.

The last thing that we would want is you to use a house type of extension cord on one of these machines. It gets hot, overheats it, blows the circuit, or worse it causes a fire. These are some safety precautions. It didn’t cover the rental, but all of this is in one video. This is where we direct people before getting a cold spark machine rental.

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So you do know and you are aware of how these machines operate. Of course, if you have any questions about our cold spark machine rental, please do contact us-Reynolds Thank you for watching this video! This is CryoFX Rentals!