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Hey guys! Welcome to CryoFX Rentals. This section is on Confetti and Confetti Related Machines, for rent. Jumping right into this! A couple of different options; there are two types of Confetti machines; you have your bulk or your Stadium Style Continuous Flow Confetti Machines, and you have your Single Q Single Shot Confetti Machines. I’m going to explain the difference between both of these so that you can understand them a little bit better. When you come to us to rent these items, the consumables, the confetti you’re in the know on what to tell us so that we can get you the right rental price.

Stadium Style Continuous Confetti Cannon Rental

With the Stadium-Style Machines, there’re two machines; you’ve your large and you’ve small, depending on what your needs are. If you have a larger arena or a larger stadium, with a higher ceiling, you’re going to need the large one.

If you don’t, and you have a smaller, more intimate setting, or you don’t want confetti to go that far, the small one works. Perhaps two, or three, or more small ones. Those machines take Co2 tanks. Co2 tanks or pressurized gas tanks are required to operate those machines. Let us know what the run time is for those machines. We can make sure that we quote the right tank for you. The consumables with those are confetti.

How To Calculate How much Confetti You Need

The best way to calculate this one pound per second of confetti; is if you calculate it like that, you’re going to have more than enough. I promise you! But I tell you this because if you do any less, it’s better to have more than not enough.

We’ve had people rent these before and they don’t book enough. They just didn’t get the effect they want. With that said, one pound per second; of course, we need to know how many seconds of run time to quote the right amount of confetti. If you want less, let us know. We’ll quote less than one pound per second.

Type And Color Of Confetti

The type of confetti color and type! So many different colors, the types; you have mylar, you have biodegradable, you have regular paper confetti, those are just to name a few. Make sure you tell us the type. Different prices for different types and of course availability. We can also do mixed confetti as well. So that’s something that you need to know about those machines.

Single Shot Confetti Machines

Now there are Confetti Tubes or Single Shot Machines. The single-shot machines; there are two of them. So you have your machine that has some type of air tank on it, or some type of holding tank for air or gas. Then a tube, you put the confetti in that whether it’s loose confetti or a confetti sleeve. You put a cap on it and you blast it off typically.

How To Fill The Tank On This Style of Confetti Machine

Typically, you can fill those with either Co2 tanks, nitrogen tanks, or an air compressor if you have that. Let us know if you want that machine, and of course how many blasts you’re going to do. We can make sure we set you up with the right equipment for that.

Equipment Needed To Fill The Tank

Whether it’s a specific type of air compressor, whether it’s a specific type of regulator for the Co2 or the nitrogen tanks to keep filling those tanks, we’ll set it. We’ll send it to you, and you don’t have to touch any of the controls. That regulator will be set to the right type of adjustment so that you don’t explode that tank on the confetti machine. And of course, the consumables that I previously explained would also apply here as well.

Types Of Electric Confetti Cannons

Now the single-shot cued machines are what I call them, or single Q single shot. We have a 1, a 2, and a 4 Q. What does that mean? That means that this machine is DMX controlled. The other machine that I explain actually, let me back up a little bit.

Furthermore, the stadium-style confetti machines; the larger one is DMX controlled, and the smaller one is manual valve control. You can use the larger one with a DMX controller local to it to activate it. Otherwise, it has enough confetti where you can just hook everything up. You don’t need a person at the machine.

For the smaller ones, you do need somebody at each machine so they can activate them. They can put the confetti in it and make it look like that like you want it. The other machine that I explained has an air tank on it, one person per machine. You have to load it. You can let the machine sit and activate it either manually or with DMX depending on the version of the machine.

Sizes Of Confetti Tubes

Also, we have these cued machines or single shots. These are all DMX. These are a tube that comes pre-loaded with confetti. It has a nitrogen cartridge inside that when a 12-volt charge hits that, it opens and explodes. The confetti and or streamers come out of it. There’re three different sizes; a small, a medium, and a large.

I believe it’s 18 inches, 24 inches, and 12 inches. Don’t quote me exactly on that. I don’t have it in front of me. But small, medium, large, just thinks of it like that. Small-short distance, medium-farther, large-a lot farther. The large will shoot out enough for an entire stadium, and make it look good. We’ve had these on multiple shows before now.

Benefit Of Confetti Cannon

This equipment you may ask, what’s the benefit of the single-shot cued machines? Well if you have a single shot 4 Q, you can have four tubes on it that you can either blast off all at one time. Or do one shot, two shots, three shots, four shots, or you can do pairs. Two and two, or one and three, whatever the case is, you decide that those are all DMX controlled. They’re set up at the beginning of the event and that’s it.

How Many Confetti Machine And Type And How Many Tubes Do You Want?

What’s more, you need to let us know how many shots you want typically. You do not reload these during an event if you want to. Rather, you can simply mount them. Also, you put the confetti tubes in and you leave it. So how many of these do you want? How many machines and how many tubes? And of course what type of machine; 1Q, a 2Q, or a 4Q. 1Q holds one tube, two-two tubes, and of course four, four tubes, and of course what size of tubes.

Types Of Confetti Machine Available In Electric Confetti Cannon

Now the confetti and or streamers are inside again as those are consumables. Those are pre-loaded. You do not switch those out. Once those blastoff, the tube is trash. You throw it out. Let us know what type of confetti you want inside as well. Mylar, biodegradable, neon, blacklight, and of course any streamers, and regular tissue paper, or designs. I think designs are available as well. Regardless, that kind of covers the gist of this.

Last but not least, if you need DMX cables and a DMX controller, that’s our DMX package as well. If not, and you’re a production company, that’s completely okay. This should cover all of the Confetti for Confetti Rentals. Thank you for watching CryoFX Rentals. We’ll see you in the next video!