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Cryo Systems and Co2 Stage Effects

Hey guys! Welcome to the CryoFX youtube channel. Today’s video is on cryo systems and Co2 stage effects. Also called Co2 special effects, or Co2 effects in short. Now, you can see where we’re at. So what I’m going to be covering in this video is not where we’re at. But more importantly, a couple of important things that deal with cryo systems. What are those? How a cryo system is set up? Of course, the safety surrounding cryo systems.

Also, two types of systems; you have your Co2 special effects system and your liquid nitrogen effect system. And Co2 jets versus handheld cryoguns. And last but not least, one of the more important things that you need to be aware of, so that you get the best operating system inside versus outside. We’re outside, but there also is an inside as well. So, we’re going to take you in and we’re going to show you the different fundamentals of cryo systems in 5 4 3 2 1.

How Are Cryo Systems (Cryo Stage Effects) Setup?

How is a cryo system or cryo stage effects set up? We’re going to do a general overview and it starts with this. You want to mount your Co2 jet machines, where they’re going to be mounted. For instance, if this was the setting that you’re going to be using; then you would mount them either underneath the led screens or pointed on the stage upwards. So either coming down towards the crowd or on the stage pointed upwards; those are the two general areas where they’re going to be mounted.

Of course, there’re some other options that this particular club has done but we’re not going to cover those in this video. So you want to mount the jets where you’re going to be mounting them first. Then you run the hoses from where those jets are over to where your tanks are going to be. Generally, you want to keep the tanks away from anybody or anywhere, where people congregate due to safety reasons.

Outside of Cryo Systems

Now, the outside is a little bit different than the inside. Outside- you have the air that freely moves around. You don’t have to worry about safety as much concerning the gas building up or accumulating in a certain area. Inside- that’s a concern. So what would you do in this situation as an example? You would first mount your Co2 jet machines up along underneath. Wherever you’re going to want to mount them, these particles lares are mounted under the led screens. And they have a couple of other ones that are mounted on the stage or in front of the DJ booth that point upwards.

The Co2 Lines

Then you have your Co2 lines. The Co2 lines themselves run to the tank farm, which we call a tank farm or accumulation of tanks. Those tanks are going to be where the brown boxes are, on either side of the marquis symbol. There’s another one that’s in the back, the far corner. That one services the tanks for all the Co2 jets and Co2 valves that are outside along these posts.

Thus, two different areas but one thing that you want to be concerned about. Make sure that you’re aware of this. When you’re running lines outside, you have a hotter temperature outside. The Co2 is going to cool down faster. If it’s like nitrogen, it’s going to cool down faster. That could be a concern and you’re going to not only be wasting product, but it’s also going to heat the lines.

Hence, you want to consider that when you’re mounting your system. You want to make sure that the system is insulated. There are a couple of tricks for the trade for that. I can’t give away all the tricks in this video. But I can advise you on what to do and how to set these cryo systems up. Okay!

DMX Co2 Jets vs Handheld Co2 Cannons

You probably ask Co2 jets versus handheld cryoguns, what’s the difference? Well in general and quick explanation, the difference is this. Your Co2 jet machines are going to be mounted if you will, up along the led walls.

And of course, you’re going to have some along with each one of these posts here as you see in this particular setting. We’re at Marquis in Vegas and that’s how they have them here. Well the Co2 cryogen or handheld cryogen, as they’re called Co2 cannons, is going to be behind the DJ booth. And the DJ is going to be the one that has the handheld cryogen and shoots the cryogen out amongst the crowd.

Any Differences?

The biggest difference there is, that that one of them is handheld, and the other one’s not as you’re well aware of. So, when we’re talking about Co2 jets in general, Co2 jets for nightclubs, this is where you would mount the jets for a nightclub. You’re going to want to mount them where the people are going to be. Out here, there are a lot of people that congregate in this middle area. Hence why they have Co2 jets mounted, where they’re mounted to spray down or shoot down to where the crowd is.

Of course on the far end there in the video, you see the led screens. Some Co2 jets are mounted there. And those come directly out, and people congregate in front of the DJ. That’s why those jets would be mounted where they are there. So, if you’re wondering, where would you mount a Co2 jet machine or Co2 jets in a nightclub, that’s where you would mount them in the nightclub. You don’t want to put them in some random corner. Or off to the side where nobody’s going to be congregating at. Might look good, but remember it costs you money.

Different Cryo System and Co2 Stage Terminologies

Okay, I want to cover a little bit of the terminology here. A lot of people call these Co2 blaster systems or co2 fog cannons. They’re all relevant to the same thing and I get what you mean. the point, of course, we just want to encompass that here. So that you’re aware of this. Now, specifically with Co2 jets for nightclubs or handheld cryoguns, as I mentioned earlier in the video or maybe later in the video, depending on how we organize this.

The handheld cryoguns or handheld Co2 cannons are going to be behind the DJ booth. There’s no use for them out in public like this or out where the crowd is. This is where you’re going to have your Co2 jet machines mounted. Those machines themselves can come in a few different variances. Love those sirens in the background by the way.

Now, the LED Co2 cannons would be a good addition. However, my recommendation; is I wouldn’t put those where the LED screens are. Because the LED screens put off a lot of light. So, you’re not going to get any use for LED Co2 cannons in that area right there. Where the best use for an LED Co2 cannon is, is if you follow me over this way. We’re going to kind of talk about these sections over here. You see some lights that are over here. Some Co2 valves are mounted there called Co2 jet machines as well. But those are a valve and a nozzle.

LED Co2 Cannon

The best place for an LED Co2 cannon would be along with those posts. The reason why is, when it starts to get dark like this, or even darker, that LED will light those up. If you want to go cheap and you don’t want to buy an LED Co2 cannon, well, guess what! You can make your own by simply putting a light up like that, LED light, and have a Co2 jet or Co2 valve with a nozzle up there as well.

Bonus tip; don’t want to undersell, you don’t want to oversell. You just want to be real, specific here, and transparent with what you can do and that is the difference. When you’re looking for a Co2 fog cannon, that encompasses these. When you’re looking for a Co2 blaster system, well yeah the blaster, that’s exactly what we’re talking about in this video. Cryo systems! Cryo stage effects! Let’s go on to the next section.

Co2 Effect System Setup, Tanks, Hoses, Connections, and Designs

So continue forward on how a cryo system or how a Co2 special effects system is set up! I just want to kind of beat a dead horse with this. I’ll just be transparent. Now, why? Therapies a couple of different ways earlier in the video, I did talk about how you can mount the individual jets, where the hoses need to go, and all that good stuff.

Well, the thing is this; the questions that arise from this type of setup are “how many tanks do I put on the system? How do I mount the jets? How do I connect the jets to a certain amount of tanks That’s where we cover the expertise in that. There arere multiple different ways to do this. But I can tell you what, the majority of the companies are going to do it wrong. Because they don’t take in the factor of how that system is working.

Flow Path for Co2 Jet

When you go from tank to Co2 jet itself, you have a flow. Where is the path of least resistance? Where is the most restrictive part of the flow? When you consider those two things, you have the most efficiently designed system to give you the best output for your nightclub or for your venue, whatever you want to use these for. And of course, the best and most efficient way to do the system, while spending the least amount of money. Those are more important factors, because who wants to spend more money than spending a lot of money right.

Setting Up the Cryo Systems

Furthermore, when you’re setting up the system, you can do multiple tanks on one line. There’s a way to do that. You can’t set up multiple jets on one line. There is a very specific way to do that. We cover this when we do our quotes. And of course, I can’t give you everything in this video. But I can tell you this.

When it’s done wrong, you’re going to end up with a couple of problems. Hypothetical here, if you have four jets along the front of your stage, and you will route and connect with a tank on one end. You can also connect multiple tanks on one end path of least resistance. That first jet is going to get the most output.

The jet at the end is going to get the least. It’s going to not look cosmetically appealing or aesthetically appealing. Whatever, you get the point. You want it to look right. That’s the whole purpose of the effect. And if you’re spending the money, you want to make sure that it’s done correctly. You can’t put a tank at the other end.

Connecting Multiple Tanks

However, it may not be suited to be able to be done that way. Therefore, you might want to connect multiple tanks to one line to one jet. When you do that, are all tanks on at the same time, and are all tanks off at the same time? You wouldn’t get a jet that works if that was the case. However, do you turn each one on and off? That’s where we come in as experts. And we can advise you on exactly what to do.

Again, don’t want to give everything away here, because then you would just go build your system yourself. But I do want to let you know that we do know what we’re talking about. That’s not the most important thing. I want to advise you and give you the tools. When you have a nightclub when you have a venue when you want to do your Co2, you know what the parameters. Also, you will know what the capabilities of a company Lewes are. So that you can make the appropriate decisions and requests to get your cryo systems built.

Inside vs Outside And Difference In Co2 Effects And Setup

Okay, so we’re going to be talking about inside versus outside. What’s the difference? Other than the fact that this is inside, and either you’re going to see, or you have already seen outside. The major differences are a couple of things. Safety, the atmosphere, and of course the way the effect is going to look. And I’m going to touch on those three things very quickly.

So safety; we’ve talked about safety. Or we will talk about safety inside. Safety is a little bit more concern because you have a constricted area. And you only have so much space for air to come in and to go out. Outside- you’re open to the public and it’s open to the atmosphere at large. And of course, you don’t have to worry about that.

Now, what you do have to worry about outside more than inside is the wind. The wind is going to affect things tremendously. Take that into consideration and more importantly, the sun. The sun and the heat are going to be affecting things as well. Because, the sun is going to be beating down on your hoses, on your Co2 jets, on whatever you have there. And the sun is going to affect that. So consider that, when you’re designing the systems. Now, inside, you can control the light and the atmosphere more so than you can outside.

How Humidity and Atmosphere affect Cryo Systems

Another thing to take into consideration! Now with humidity and with atmosphere; the wind was one thing, and humidity is another. Inside, even if you have a low humidity environment if the door is closed and you’re not putting a lot of air in or coming out.

In the effect of having doors wide open, when people come in here, they’re going to be sweating. They’re going to be getting nasty. And of course, they’re going to be letting off humidity. And that’s something that is going to be good for you and your effect. Outside-you’re not going to have that. So that is something that you have to worry about as well.

Cryo Systems vs. Liquid Nitrogen Effect System

Okay! So two basic systems come into play when you want a cryo systems in your venue. You have a liquid Co2 system or a liquid nitrogen system. Some of the factors you need to take into play and consideration when you’re picking the right system and of course, we can help design that and advise you on it, but more importantly, a couple of things.

Is Co2 allowed in your area? What is the fire marshal going to say? And more importantly, what’s the humidity like? Humidity plays a huge part in any special effects system. With low humidity, you’re probably going to want to go with a liquid nitrogen system.

If there’s great humidity in areas that have high humidity, then you’re probably going to want to go with a liquid Co2 system. Because that system is going to be a better cost option, is around the system itself. And also the gas, which is the consumable and the reoccurring cost.

Monitoring the Cryo Systems

So when you’re looking at the two different systems, they each have their specifications and of course requirements. More or less, both systems are going to need some type of monitoring. Inside, that is going to be activated. If the system dumps all the products out, you want to make sure that the patrons are safe. The patrons basically can still breathe if there’s a malfunction.

Some of these systems also include an Evac system. Not only an Evac system and type of setup for the crowd themselves. But an Evac system for the Co2 or the liquid nitrogen to get it out of the building. That ties in with some of the Hvac. It might tie in with some other operating systems and monitoring systems that are special, specific to your area and your venue per the fire department. Some of these systems interface with the actual fire system. Some of them don’t just on the area.

Now, more importantly, the difference between these two systems; liquid nitrogen and Co2 is the fact that you’re going to get a different output with each. One Co2 displaces oxygen at a lot higher rate than liquid nitrogen does. Liquid nitrogen comes in and yes, it displaces oxygen, but not as much as Co2, because Co2 displaces it. Liquid nitrogen just fills the area. Don’t want to get into the specifics here, but they do have their monitoring systems. And they are very important to take into consideration.

Cryo Systems Safety- E Stop System, Evac Systems

Furthermore, one of the most important parts about Cryo systems or Co2 special effects is safety. Safety is a huge concern. And the reason why is this! You need to have a couple of measures in place when you have a system in your venue like this. You need to have a monitoring system that monitors the air quality and it monitors the ppm of any gas that’s in the area.

What’s more, you want to make sure that the nozzles or the Co2 jet machines are mounted away from anybody that’s going to be in close contact with them. So for instance, if you had some that were mounted on the stage back there, that part of the stage roped off, so that nobody can stick their hand over it and touch it.

Something in here, you’d have these mounted up at the top, spring down, that would be something that wouldn’t affect anybody. Because it is at least 10 to 20 feet away from any person or anybody’s face. So, you don’t have to worry about anybody freezing or any malfunctions at least with the sprain at that point.

Other Things to Consider in Cryo Systems

Now, a couple of other things! When the tanks are stored in that area where the tanks are stored, you need to make sure that, that area is closely monitored with a type of system. And of course, a monitoring system for air quality. Also, check the gas amount in that room. And an Evac system touched on this in another part of the video.

But the Evac system is going to clear that room if that tank dumps. That there is a malfunction and the tank leaks or anything like that. You have to have safety. And fire departments want safety first. Everybody should want safety first. That’s the most important part. And I’ll tell you what on some of these theme parks. They spend just as much or more on the safety system than they do on the actual special effects system.

That shows you how much safety is valued. Everybody should value it. However, not everybody does. But I do want to touch on that point here. So, with that said, when you’re monitoring some systems, you have to have monitors around the room. Maybe those monitors are on the walls. Maybe they’re in different areas. You can decide that. We can just advise on what needs to be and where it needs to be so that you can make the right determination, with your system.

Cryo Systems Safety Deep Dive

Now, diving in a little bit deeper on the safety that’s involved with some of these systems! Again, where our specialty is, is conducting this, and handling this for you. But some of the main points that I want to address in this video are this.

When you have the safety system put in place and you’re designing a cryo system for your venue, you want to look at a couple of different things. Your hazardous materials plan. That’s something that is going to need to be in place. You’re interfacing with the fire department. So you need to run specific permits. This is a hazardous material. Liquid nitrogen- hazardous, liquid Co2- hazardous. Gas in either one of those is hazardous. Hazardous is the point here

Cryo systems and HVAC Systems

So, your Hvac system! How much air is coming into the point versus or sory how much air is coming into the venue versus how much airflow is going out? When you put people in there, that displaces some of the areas. You have a smaller area in a sense, where there’s a lot less room for air to be moving around. You have to consider that.

Thus, your Hvac system needs to do the job. Some of these nightclubs, they’re running Hvac like crazy. They have a ton of AC units. But it’s still not enough air coming into the venue to have airflow going out and to be able to make it a safe environment for some of the cryo system.

Environmental Testing

So now, a couple of other things to look at! You have environmental testing. That’s something that we conduct. And you need to have environmental testing before you even put one of these systems in. Or when you put the system in, and before you open it to the public. The environmental testing is going to say, this is the air quality. Right now, this is the air quality when the system is at full capacity. This is the air quality when the system has a malfunction and it just dumps. That’s something that you need to be aware of, and you need to have those tests.

Oxygen Monitoring

We breathe oxygen. Okay, I mentioned that these gases displace oxygen. If that oxygen’s not there to breathe, there’s a problem. Okay, you’re breathing about 450, 350 to 450 ppm of Co2 in the air right now. When you dump one of these systems out, that can go up to 1800, 2000, or 3000. They have limits. You have to make sure that everything is set. And you have to make sure safety is number one.

Fire Department and Inspection

So continuing forward, you have your fire department and inspection. They’re going to inspect. They’re going to be issuing a permit. You also have your Evac plan, which I mentioned. Evacuation plan! Not only for the people but also for the air. How are you going to evacuate all that air in the worst-case scenario and of course, your fire system? Some of these interface with the fire systems.

What that means is that, if these gas systems, if they dump too much gas in there, and the monitors pick up that, the air quality is poor. And that it would be a problem for people to breathe. That would automatically interface with the fire system. Let the fire department know that there’s a problem. Set off the fire alarms. Evacuates the buildings.

Some of those go, that intricate where they do that. Others do not. They’re separate from the fire system and they just let you know that you need to shut it down. That is something that we will handle. That’s what happens when you book a system and you want to get a quota system with us.

Monitoring Integration

Last but not least, you’re monitoring and you’re monitoring integration. That’s what I was just talking about in the video. How is it going to be integrated, and with what systems? All of this is part of safety and that’s something that you need to be aware of.

The Look Of Your Cryo Systems and Co2 Special Effects System- Things To Consider

Last but not least, you have the look. The look of what you want is your special effects system. And of course, inside versus outside is going to give you different looks. Light is going to be different. The wind and the atmosphere are going to be different.

And of course, when the people are perspirating, and your air conditioning is going well, that’s all inside. It’s going to be different outside. So your effect is going to look different. And you need to consider that when you’re designing a cryo system for your venue.

More on Cryo Systems

Just make sure that you see the difference and we’ll throw some videos on here, so you can see what the inside looks like versus the outside and more importantly what location are you at. We’re in Vegas right now. However, Vegas is barely any humidity. So you have to do a lot of extra details to make the system function and look properly. Functionality is one thing. But look, a whole different ball game, as opposed to somewhere like San Diego or somewhere like Florida, where it’s high humidity. Those are things you need to take into consideration.

And more importantly, where are your tanks stored? If it’s outside, you need the tank stored inside a cabinet. Somewhere that’s insulated so that at least you can keep it somewhat isolated from the outside temperature. Whereas inside, you can pretty much put the tanks anywhere. Because inside’s going to be cool anyways. Just a couple of factors and items to look at when you’re looking at a system inside, cryo systems inside versus outside.


Awesome, so thanks guys for watching this video. Truly appreciate it. Hope this was very informative on cryo systems and cryo special effects, Co2 special effects, whatever you want to call it. But this gave you a guideline and a baseline of some of the factors that go into designing cryo systems. So, when you have a system of your needs, and you want some information, this can be a good staple of a video to look at and understand a little bit better.

This covered a series of different topics here; safety, inside and outside, handheld cryoguns versus Co2 jets, things like that. I don’t have to recoup anything like that, because you already watched the video. But thank you for watching. I’m Chris with CryoFX. Do me a favor. Smash that like button.

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