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Does My Handheld Co2 Cannon Or Cryo Gun Require Power – CryoFX

Handheld Co2 Cannons Don’t Need Power

The quick answer and short answer is no. The handheld co2 cannon outside of led cannons or any other type of custom product that you get from CryoFX such as the bazooka or other custom applications do not require power.

However, if they do require power, we’re going to let you know but the general cryoguns or CO2 cannons that you get for around two to three hundred dollars do not require power. anything that’s going to require power is probably above the 500-600 range or it’s a custom project. That should answer that question.

What about Stage CO2 Jets?

What’s more, if you’re talking about CO2 jets for the stage, that’s a whole different topic and those do require power unless you want them battery operated that’s something that we can convert in-house here at CryoFX. Also, we can offer you a battery operated solution for your custom cryo jet or co2 jet. This is CryoFX thanks for watching.

More Information about Handheld Co2 Cannon

It is safe to use the handheld Co2 Cannon as it operates with the use of C02 rather than the electricity.  For inquiries, please contact our dedicated representative. We can always provide you with more details regarding the Handheld cannons or Cryo Gun along with other products.

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