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San Diego County Fair - Del Mar, California Electronic Fridays features CryoFX custom Co2 Special Effect Stage Cannon Jet blasters

Co2 Special Effect Company Featured at Electronic Fridays, San Diego County Fair, in Del Mar California

CryoFX® is the leader of Co2 special effect custom and innovative equipment manufacturing. Also, we supply the entertainment industry with the latest in special effects equipment using frozen liquid Co2 suitable for Electronic Fridays.  You can use our theatrical smoke effects to create plumes of smoke. Thus, creating the party atmosphere that enhances lightning and cools the crowd.   CryoFX® CO2 Smoke Equipment is easy to install and operate and requires no expensive pyrotechnic permits or license.  You can see CryoFX® Custom CO2 Jets built and designed specifically for the Del Mar Fair better knows as the San Diego County Fair 2015 for Electronic Fridays.

CryoFX Custom Built Co2 Special Effect Cannon Jets were used at the San Diego County Fair 2015

Electronic Fridays

On Electronic Fridays nights, San Diego’s top EDM(Electronic Dance Music) DJs throw down their best sets to keep you dancing through the night. Shows feature Fair admission. Great DJs will entertain you. Also, you will experience great special effects custom built and installed by CryoFX®.

Also, Electroni Friday is hosted by San Diego’s ENERGY 103.7, plus an opening act by Energy’s own DJ Kyle Flesch each Electronic Friday night. Come down to the San Diego County State Fair. Enjoy yourself with the rest of your family with great music and great food.  You can see CryoFX® featured at the San Diego County Fair’s Page by clicking here.


CryoFX CO2 Jets and CO2 Cryo Party Club Cannon Guns for Sale. Call Us at 619.855.2796

 Anyone can bring home the same Smoke Effects

Bring home the same frozen co2 smoke special effects. You can find it in nightclubs and music concert events around the world. You can use it for your next party or event. Also, it will cool your crowd instantly and awe them with the smoke jet plumes. They shoot out of the CryoFX® Co2 Jets or handheld equipment.  Most of CryoFX® Co2 Smoke Effect equipment can be custom designed. You can also build to fit your particular stage or event on the Electronic Fridays. However, this will depend on the amount of smoke effect you need; to the area you need the smoke effects to shoot.  CryoFX® is the premier expert when it comes to custom co2 smoke equipment.

In addition, CryoFX® is working extremely hard to make our Co2 Special Effect Equipment as easy to install. The products are easy to operate as possible so that you can bring the exciting co2 effects home.  Also, CryoFX® is building a reputation of being the sole authority of Cryogenic Co2 Smoke Special Effects worldwide.  Additionally, we are working on unique exciting innovative features so that party people and entertainers on Electronic Fridays and around the world can enjoy the smoke special effects that Hollywood and most video production companies use to create that smoke and lighting effect you see on TV or Music Concerts.

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