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CO2 Special Effects Company adds Amazon and Paypal Checkout and Pay

Amazon and Paypal Checkout and Pay

CryoFX® has been very busy enhancing and improving our Web E-commerce Store in order to provide a fast, secure and private shopping experience to all our customers shopping at our CryoFX® Web-store.  Our web-store has gone and continues to go through a major overhaul with our online user experience and online security being our number one priority.  We have been hard at work to bring you a faster checkout experience.  CryoFX® has added Site Security, Paypal Checkout, Amazon login and Amazon Checkout as well as social media, yahoo and Google Login options when creating an account at

CryoFX® Aims to Improve Security

Over the last few weeks, CryoFX® added Sitelock® to protect and monitor all web traffic coming to our website. Our Website is now harder to hack and harder to break in, which makes it difficult for anyone to steal or see your personal private information.  We take web security very seriously and knowing that our customers information is 100% secure makes us very happy at  We have invested in the latest Web Security and encryption Technology and employ Symantec SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Encryption software in the industry as well as monitoring all web traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Any communication or shopping transaction or your private customer information is more secure than ever. Shop with confidence knowing that CryoFX® protects your privacy with the latest in web security and technology.

CryoFX® E-commerce Store Shopping Cart allows you to pay via Paypal and Amazon Checkout

In order to provide security and convenience, CryoFX® has connected with Paypal secure checkout and Amazon Checkout so that current Paypal and Amazon customers can get the same security and convenience while shopping at our web-store.  Customers can now shop and pay using Paypal and Amazon with peace of mind, knowing that their purchases are secure, protected and backed by solid companies such as Paypal and Amazon.

If you are an Amazon or Paypal customer, you already know the great benefits of paying with Paypal or Amazon besides earning rewards and points.  All purchases are secured and bound by Paypal and Amazon e-commerce purchase agreements.   You can also pay with any major credit card from anywhere in the world even if you don’t have a Paypal account and pay using Paypal so that you don’t have to send any credit card information over the web.   This is a very convenient and secure way to pay through the web.  Enjoy the great benefits when you checkout and pay with Paypal and Amazon.

Login with Social Media to create an account as a customer at CryoFX Store

CryoFX® E-commerce Store allows you to register and sign in with Any Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Yahoo Account

If you are a first time customer of CryoFX® and are purchasing from our E-Commerce Store at; you will be required to create and register an account with us.  You can register or checkout your CO2 Special Effect Products as a guest. But, it is highly recommended that you register with us. Thus, making it possible for customer service to serve and help you better.

In order to help our customers register and create an account with our store, CryoFX® now allows you to register or create an account with Your current Google Account, Facebook Account, Twitter Account, LinkedIn Account, Amazon and Yahoo Mail Accounts.  Soon you will be able to login and create an account with your Instagram account.

By Logging in with current accounts that you may already have; you can create and register at faster and more secure than ever.   Logging in and checking out of our store has never been easier, faster and more secure than ever!

Enjoy the faster login, new account registration and Checkout Cart all at, the leader of CO2 Special Effects Products.  Now you can shop and pay with peace of mind; knowing that our web-store is 100% secure and easier to register and pay than ever.


CryoFX site is 100% free of malware and bugs

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